“Seeing Double” Deal!

Date: December 22nd (two 2’s) till January 11th (two 1’s).

Actual Deal: Enter Targa, Grand Touring or Fast Tour divisions in this time frame and receive 2 Melton 15th Anniversary Targa jackets (see the double) free! We’ll include your names on the jacket too (right breast or either sleeve)! No cost whatsoever regarding the jackets to you! This is almost $600.00 worth of merchandise, free!

*Must pay entry fee in full during this time, deal does not include Quick Tour division, deal ends 11th of January, 2016. Cannot be used against prior entries to obtain free jackets. Please contact registrar@targanewfoundland.com or 1-877-332-2413 to register for Targa Newfoundland 2016 or to receive more information!


Team Hume – 16 Wheels – 2015 Targa mini-movie

Hume Media Inc. of Toronto, or as competitors and fans are use to calling it, Team Hume, have just released their mini movie of their 2015 Targa Newfoundland!

If you have a half hour, please take the time to view the YouTube video. It’s quite funny, gives a great review of Team Hume’s adventures during the event, but also documents other teams in the event, what troubles they got themselves into, and touches on the human element of what Targa brings out in individuals, teams, and why people decide to spend the time and money to do this event.

Filming, production, and editing completed by Hume Media Inc.

Exchange rate benefiting possible U.S. competitors

The Canadian dollar is currently trading at 0.72 cents U.S. This means the exchange rate is almost at 30% for Americans who wish to pay using American dollars. A good example, the current Targa division price is $6,895.00 CDN before taxes. Pop that into the exchange rate calculator and that comes out to be $4,935.49 U.S. dollars before taxes. That’s almost $2,000.00 savings for Americans due to the exchange rate!

The exchange rate applies to all the other division rates as well, meaning the Canadian dollar prices are just about 30% lower for Americans. So why wait to enter? 15th Anniversary Targa, almost 30% off the advertised price, friendly Canadians who welcome Americans (we had a couple American bases on Newfoundland soil for decades, Americans hanging out with us is nothing new), and a bunch of other positives!

Make the decision to enter Targa Newfoundland soon. We can’t control the exchange rate, so take advantage of the biggest factor if price is the only major thing keeping our possible U.S. competitors from entering! It’s well worth it!


Roundel Magazine article written by 2015 Grand Touring Champions

Marinus and Renee Damm certainly made good use of their Targa experience. Marinus wrote a fairly length article in the BMW Club of America monthly magazine, Roundel, about their time here in the province and the journey to make it here!

In the article, it tells about their adventure from Oregon to Targa, what they dealt with during each day of the event, and the overall experience they had at Targa. They did win Grand Touring division, Equipped class, and have already signed up to return for the 15th Anniversary event next September within the same division and class.

The PDF of the article that is currently in Roundel is below. If you’d like to sign up for the BMW Club of America monthly magazine, please visit their website. You’ll be able to read Marinus’s article there along with everything else in the December issue.

December 2015 Targa Damm

15th Anniversary Melton Targa jackets for sale!

2016 is Targa Newfoundland’s 15th anniversary event. To celebrate this achievement and this remarkable event we are introducing the 15th Anniversary Targa Newfoundland Crested Melton Jacket!

This one time only issue, beautiful black leather and Melton wool jacket will have the Targa Newfoundland 15th Anniversary logos stitched on the left front chest and entire back of the jacket!

With the 15th Anniversary event fast approaching next September, you will want to have this limited offer piece of Targa memorabilia. The image of a jacket without logo is below for reference purposes. The cost of these jackets is a very special C$250.00 (retail value C$350.00). You can personalize your jacket with your name stitched on the front right breast or arm (please specify) for $15.00 extra. HST and shipping not included. Please identify your jacket size when ordering.

The jackets will be ordered on January 4th so have your order in by then as there will be no further orders. Delivery will take place in late January or early February.

Email registrar@targanewfoundland.com with your order and payment information or call 1-877-332-2413 and provide all necessary information for your Melton Targa jacket!

jacket_front jacket_back