15th Targa Newfoundland – September 2016 – Notice Board Posts

September 16th, 0712

Steward’s Notice

Following a review and assessment of course conditions on stages in Champneys East and English Harbour, 2 minute time penalties imposed for cutting corners will be recinded.

D.E. Howell, Steward

September 16th, 0551 – Addendum #3 is issued regarding Base Times & Speeds for Targa only competitors. Please pick the info up at breathalyzer this morning.

September 15th, 1204 – Two wheel off penalties have been issued to several competitors since last night’s Standings. Below are the vehicles that received penalties:

For 3-10, Champneys East: 66 – 777 – 85 – 16 – 333 – 114 – 88 – 809 – 233 – 202 – 11 – 1 – 103 – 286

For 3-11, English Harbour: 1333 – 964 – 16 – 88 – 15 – 1 – 103 – 286 – 369 – 995.

The above is due to Rule 9.6.2 in the Volume 2, Rules & Regulations document, which states:

Entrants who are observed by an official Judge of Fact cutting a corner at the apex (leaving the paved road surface) will incur a 2 minute penalty for each observed instance which will be added to their stage score. This behavior not only creates an unsafe condition for the following competitors, but it also tears up the road corners creating ill will and repair expenses to the communities that host the event.

Please complete inquiry forms if you have any issues with the above or questions for the Scorer/Clerk of the Course.

September 13th, 0712 – Results may be delayed posting today due to cell phone coverage issues. Once back in coverage or available WiFi, results will be posted as soon as possible.

September 12th, 2350 – Start Times for Leg 1 are posted on the electronic Notice Board here on the site; Results from Prologue are posted electronically within the 2016 Results section of the website; Base Times & Speed documents for Modern and Open divisions will be available at 6am tomorrow during breathalyzers (Group 3 have already received their documents regarding the below).

Reminder if luggage is to be transported by the luggage van, please drop it off at the Station tomorrow morning during breathalyzers. It’ll be available for pickup at the Eastlink Events Centre once you arrive after Leg 1.

September 11th – Addendum 2 will be available at around 8am at the Notice Board table. Group 3 (Recent Classic) entrants will receive new Base Times & Speeds document due to errors in original printing (speak with your CRO to receive your document). Start Line Order will also be available at Notice Board table at around 8am.

September 10th – Addendum 1 & 1A will be available when picking up Route Books at Registration today. Also, please have photo I.D.’s ready to enter CFS St. John’s. List of Targa participants and officials have been forwarded, but I.D.’s may still be required when asked.

September 6th – Driving School for competitors who are registered begins on Thursday at 8am. Please have all necessary documents and materials with you.

August 27th – Registration/Tech information sent via email to all competitors and team officials regarding location of CFS St. John’s and the process for Registration & Tech on Sept. 10th.

Please ensure all documentation is completed prior to arrival at CFS St. John’s. If this is not done, your team will be removed from the Registration process until all documentation and fees are completed and paid.

August 20th – Route Book links and password sent out to all competitors and team officials. To be used as study guides prior to arrival. Paperback Route Books will be supplied at Registration.

August 10th – A reminder to competitors to check the Standings and Start Order section for their classification and their start times for the first stage of Prologue Day.

August 4th – Email sent out to all competitors regarding allergies, Lucas Oil deadline and other important points. Please check your inbox for that email.

July 22nd – Lucas Oil Challenge now has a deadline of Friday, August 5th to get the paperwork into the office. Product is being shipped to the event directly from Lucas Oil. Lucas Oil has requested this deadline and any teams wishing to enter after this date will be refused.

The deadline for images and team information for the Guide is August 1st. No vehicle image, no spot in the Guide.

The office is still awaiting documentation from several teams. Please forward this documentation to the office ASAP.

June 30th – 2016 Results folder is active. All PDF’s are populated with test data and not to be considered official. Future PDF’s will be posted to test size and visual parameters. Any questions regarding the PDF’s should be directed towards the General Manager or the Scorer.

June 24th – The first post on the Notice Board for the 15th annual Targa Newfoundland. Less than 80 days until the start of the event, with the Registration and Tech Day occurring on September 10th at Canadian Forces Station St. John’s. Competitor preparations should be well advanced, with logistics and vehicle prep in full swing. Please bookmark the Notice Board link for future post, especially once the event starts. This is where up to date information will be posted during the week, both day and night.

Targa Newfoundland review show back on the air for 15th annual tarmac rally

ST. JOHN’S (June 24, 2016) – After several years of not having an annual review show, Targa Newfoundland will once again be hitting the airwaves with its highly popular review television show. Air dates are projected to be in early 2017 throughout North America and Europe.

A three year partnership with TV2GO Inc., a Toronto-based television sports production company, will allow Targa to once again reach national and international viewers.  TV2GO Inc. has filmed eight Targa review shows to date, with professional film crews following the event, recording exciting action shots and conducting personal interviews of podium finishers for each of the shows.

TV2GO Inc. has won numerous awards for its filming and production capacities and has been involved with other motorsports events throughout North America and Europe to high regard.  It has also been involved with film and production of advertising and shows for the Canadian Rally Championship, Global Rally Cross, Rally America, X Games rally, plus a long list of open wheel and sports car road racing events.

“Absolutely thrilled to be back on television, our greatest promotional tool,” an ecstatic Targa President Robert Giannou admitted when asked for his thoughts on the agreement.  “We have worked with TV2GO Inc. over a large number of our review shows and have been very happy with their work.  They know what the event is, how to film it properly and how to capture what Targa has to offer to competitors.  Very happy to have them back filming our review show.”

Filming will commence on the Registration/Tech Day of the event, September 10th, and will continue through the competitive stages of the Targa, which covers 1,600 km’s of Newfoundland’s central and eastern coast.  Filming will conclude at the Awards Gala, scheduled to be held at the Rooms, in St. John’s, on September 17th.  Competitor interviews will be conducted at the conclusion of the event once winners are determined.  Editing and production of the review show will take place over the fall and winter of 2016, with a release date of early 2017 anticipated.

Lawrence Partington, a partner in TV2GO Inc., will be on site to help with filming and ensuring the best possible shots are captured of the Targa.

“The Targa itself is a unique event to film.  Interesting folks come from all over to compete in it, which makes getting to know them through the camera very special.  And the scenery is absolutely breathtaking.  The team and I have always enjoyed coming to Newfoundland to do the review show and we’re really glad we’re able to come back after a four year break.  Very much looking forward to it!”

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world.  The 2016 competition will start in St. John’s on September 12th and concludes back in the capital on September 16th.  The annual rally will cover more than 1,600 kilometers of the challenging, twisty roads of the central and eastern portion of Newfoundland, including over 440 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.



Action Car & Truck Accessories become major Targa sponsor for 2016

ST. JOHN’S (June 23, 2016) – Action Car and Truck Accessories will be the windshield banner sponsor for the 15th annual Targa Newfoundland this September. Action has signed on to become one of the major sponsors of the event and to have its logo on all competitor vehicles windshields in the annual tarmac rally.

Established in 1980, Action Car and Truck Accessories is Canada’s leading distributor and retailer of automotive aftermarket accessories.  With 36 retail stores, a commercial fleet installation network and a wholesale division with
four major distribution centers and four regional warehouses, it has made Action able to offer a very large and diverse selection of car, truck, jeep, SUV and commercial accessories throughout Canada.

Action has been a part of Newfoundland and Labrador communities for over 30 years with locations in Corner Brook, Grand Falls-Windsor, Gander, Clarenville and St. John’s which are directly involved in the Targa event.

“We are very excited to be a part of Targa Newfoundland,” says Jason Coish, Regional Manager.  “I can still remember the first event 15 years ago and I’m really looking forward to seeing the cars and drivers who come from all over the world to compete in this event.”

Action Car and Truck Accessories will have two pickup trucks involved with the Targa this September.  One, driven by Chief Technical Inspector and Action Team Leader Joe Dowden, the other, by Incident Response Commander Tom Norris.  Both pickups will be fully equipped to deal with any technical issue or incident that may arise during the event.

“Targa is very pleased to have such a successful Canadian company come on board for our 15th year,” stated Targa President Robert Giannou.  “We are quite happy that Action Car and Truck Accessories has seen the potential in becoming involved with Targa in an official capacity.  Action will get plenty of promotion with the windshield banner on all the competition vehicles and their pickup trucks on the course.  And with Targa’s national reach, it will provide their locations across Canada with increased visibility. ”

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world.  The 2016 competition will start in St. John’s on September 12th and concludes back in the capital on September 16th.  The annual rally will cover more than 1,600 kilometers of the challenging, twisty roads of the central and eastern portion of Newfoundland, including over 440 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.




Targa Newfoundland at the Avalon Mall!

Targa will have an information display at the Avalon Mall, ground floor, outside of the Gap, this Saturday, June 25th, from 9:30am to 9:30pm.

The 2010 Targa Dodge Challenger will be on display plus management and volunteers to answer questions from the public on becoming a volunteer for the event or a competitor.

We’ll also have a merchandise draw for some cool Targa gear (we’ll contact the winners next week). So come down to the Avalon Mall and learn more about Targa Newfoundland from those who live it.


Father’s Day Special

Sick of buying boring ties for Dad? Too many tools that he doesn’t use? Did you forget it was Father’s Day this Sunday? Well, let the worries release! Embrace the Targa!

From now until the start of business on Monday, June 20th, you, yes you, can sign up your Father, Mother, Sister, pet snake or guinea pig, to compete in the greatest show on earth…or at least in Newfoundland…in September…well, 3rd week in September. What else you got to do?!

Enter the Targa with $1,500.00 off the Targa price; $1,000.00 off the GT price; and $500.00 off the Fast Tour price. But only until Monday start of business!

Don’t delay, enter now! Special does not apply to those already entered or on payment plans. Must pay in full at time of sign-up. Family pets or other animals are not considered human hence cannot compete or enter the event.

Email registrar@targanewfoundland.com or call 1-877-332-2413 for more information or to obtain an entry form!

Racing Pictures 004

Targa on display during TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes

On Sunday, June 12th in communities across Canada, people will come together because they share a similar goal – walking to demonstrate a desire to cure, better treat and prevent type 1 diabetes (T1D).

Families, organizations and communities register, raise funds and celebrate together on Walk day with fun activities, refreshments and inspirational messaging.

The TELUS Walk to Cure Diabetes provides individuals touched by T1D the opportunity to unite with others with a similar passion, and to raise critical funds for research.

Over 45,000 Canadians walk, share stories, and connect at approximately 70 sites across Canada and become one community with participants in six other countries!

In St. John’s, NL, the Walk will be held at Swilers Rugby Club, registration opens at noon or you can register online at www.jdrf.ca/walk.

Targa was asked to participate in the walk but having several Targa vehicles on hand for children to see, meet the teams and get their pictures taken. Targa has agreed and will be represented by Billy Anderson and his MINI Cooper S, Adam Mercer and his Toyota Supra, Mike Mercer in his Mazda Miata, Corey Prosser in his Mazda Miata and Darren Sheppard in the Targa Dodge Challenger.

The vehicles will be on display from noon to 2pm this Sunday, June 12th, at Swilers Rugby Complex, St. John’s. Everyone is welcome!