RIP Tom Hollett


Tom Hollett was a large man.  Everything about Tom was large!  He was physically large, he was emotionally large, but most of all he was a mental giant.  In short, he was much larger than life.  His e-mail address was tomdreamerhollett and a dreamer he was.  He dreamed big and was extremely creative, but what was most important was that he actually created what he dreamed.

Leaving Burin with his mother after the death of his father he was raised in St. John’s and started a series of businesses in the city’s taxi industry.  He was successful and with that success he returned to Burin and started purchasing property (the first of which was his original family home).  He had a dream and he started restoring each piece of property to match the towns history and his dream of its future to become reality.

He purchased houses, churches, halls and public buildings.  All became part of his personal dream of what Burin should look like, a town that was a living history with restaurants, art galleries, and hostels for artists.  He even created a children’s/adults entertainment park.  During this time he discovered Targa Newfoundland, and invited me into his home (restored lovingly) I then discovered I was inserted into his dream.  Targa was to become one of his special events, and he loved the creativity of the event and the international attention it garnered.  But, being Tom, he wanted to ensure that he caught our attention, so for years he sponsored the Burin legs of the event.  Why?  Simple!  We were to become part of his international marketing thrust.

We worked with Tom for a number of years and I am very proud to say that we became friends.   He was a motor head and in love with motorcycles.  Yesterday, August 27th, Tom died in a motorcycle incident while traveling in Harbour Mille (one of the more famous Targa stages) with his daughter Cheyenne.  Cheyenne survived the incident but was flown to St. John’s for treatment.  Our prayers are with her.  Her dad was a giant in so many ways, we will all miss him.  Thanks Tom for being here.  Nevertheless, I am sure of one thing.  That the afterlife will now be a much better, more active and a more creative place since Tom has arrived.


Robert Giannou

15th Annual Targa Newfoundland brings competitors and super cars from all over North America

ST. JOHN’S (August 25, 2016) – Targa Newfoundland’s 15th annual tarmac rally is only two weeks away. Participants and their vehicles are arriving in the province to experience the “Ironman of Motorsports” first hand. Sixty teams from all corners of North America will compete in this year’s Targa.

On September 10th and 11th, fans and spectators are invited to see the vehicles and teams at the Targa public car shows at Canadian Forces Station St. John’s, 115 The Boulevard, St. John’s.  All proceeds from the gate will go to the Soldier On charity of the Canadian Armed Forces.  In Clarenville, September 12th – 15th, the Shaw Direct sponsored car shows will be held at the Eastlink Events Centre, with proceeds from that gate going to the Clarenville chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

This year’s entry list includes several rally prepared Subaru WRX STi’s, Mitsubishi Evo’s, MINI Cooper’s, and BMW M3’s. Audi, Porsche, Ford and many other manufacturers are also represented throughout Targa’s four divisions.

Standout entries in this year’s line up include two American 1949 Cadillac Sedanette’s. One team from Minnesota has competed across North America, while the other team from Massachusetts has competed in rallies across North America, Europe, and Asia. Both avid competitors are new to Targa and are looking forward to experiencing the province.

A 1984 Audi Quattro from the Lognay Rally Team of Quebec will also be making its first attempt at the Targa.  The car, piloted by a father daughter team, has been made famous during the World Rally Championships in the mid 80’s. The Quattro has an unmistakable sound which will certainly excite the fans along the route.

A fan favorite, duo Douglas and Kenneth Brown in a 1959 Chevy Corvette will be returning for their second try at the Targa. The Canadian brother’s first attempt in 2014 finished with them 3rd in their class.

Another Canadian team has entered a 2016 Lamborghini Huracan in the non-competitive Fast Tour division of the event.  Fast Tour is the portion of the event that is not timed, where competitors get to enjoy the closed roads while in a controlled and safe environment. Team members Sugan Krisnarajah and Jacky Yang are looking forward to their first visit to the Rock.

For more information on the teams, the schedule of events and locations of stages, please check out the online version of the Official Guide, at

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world.  The 2016 competition will start in St. John’s on September 12th and conclude back in the capital on September 16th.  The rally will cover more than 1,600 kilometers of challenging roads in the central and eastern portions of Newfoundland.  It includes over 440 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.


Prologue and daily Leg Maps released

Below are the Prologue and daily Leg Maps for this year’s Targa. With the schedule that was released a couple weeks back, these maps will help those who wish to follow the event, or wish to plan spots in specific locations to watch a stage.

Please note, these Leg maps only give the location of each stage and service point. Specific details on the actual stage itself will be sent directly to each household on the specific stage route via the Community Notices.

Web Leg 1 Web Leg 2 Web Leg 3 Web Leg 4 Web Leg 5 Web Prologue

2016 Public Targa Schedule

TARGA NEWFOUNDLAND 2016 SCHEDULE – Public Targa schedule for this year’s event. Please keep in mind, this schedule may change as the event gets closer or even on the day of specific stages. Weather, construction, and other factors can cause the schedule to change. Targa will do everything it can to maintain the schedule, but sometimes this is not possible.

In addition, Community Notices will be sent out in the next couple weeks for individual stages regarding their Road Close/Road Open times and procedures to follow for when stages are occurring.