It’s National Volunteer Week!

We celebrate this week as recognition and a show of respect for all those who volunteer their time, energy and services, to the organizations they support. In this world, in this country and in this province, volunteerism would not exist without the people who do the volunteering. THANK YOU!
Targa Newfoundland and its developing child Bambina Newfoundland could not exist without the work, effort and long dedicated hours spent by those who volunteer to help and assist the event. That said it must be understood that all of the motorsport; from the World Championship Grand Prix events to the World Rally Championship, to the Autocross club events, can only exist through the work and efforts of those volunteers who love the sport. THANK YOU!
Volunteerism is probably one of the few examples of pure unmitigated selflessness in this oh-so-fast and the oh-so-electronic world. People from all walks of life joining together to help and support the sports or things they love and or care for. THANK YOU!
Some volunteers support sports, some medicine, some the disenfranchised, and some the less fortunate. But, regardless of what they support, to a person they or you, all support something bigger and better than themselves and that to me is the essence of selflessness, love, caring and personal growth. THANK YOU!
So, let’s keep up the good work! But also, let’s pause for a moment to congratulate and thank ourselves and each other because we are, each in our own way making this a better world and that is a great thing.
Robert Giannou
President of Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited

20 Days until the Stage Operations Accreditation Program begins on May 2, 2018

Every spring Targa Newfoundland puts off its four-week safety training program for Special Volunteers who are planning on being out on the road with us for the Bambina Newfoundland on Canada Day long week and the entire week in September for Targa Newfoundland.

This spring is no different, with the course beginning on Wednesday, May 2nd, at the Prince Philip Drive Campus of the College of the North Atlantic in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Class starts at 7 pm and runs approximately two hours each session. Held in Classroom L201 at the Murphy Centre (building L).


This four-week course is free. The course teaches the do’s and don’ts of being out on a live stage during the event, the proper way of securing a stage, setup of a stage, radio communications, emergency protocol and other associated topics relevant to Bambina/Targa Newfoundland. A certificate and license will be issued.

The course will be led by our senior management team and other special guests to follow up on specialized topics within the Stage Operations Accreditation Program. If you can’t make it to the in-class Stage Operations Accreditation Program, an online version is available.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bambina Newfoundland, Targa Newfoundland or maybe both events?

Email Leah Dalton today to volunteer for 2018 season;

Bambina and Targa Newfoundland Update, April 6, 2018

TNL Update


This note is an experiment and will be sent to all those interested in or registered for the 2018 Targa Newfoundland or its child the Tom Hollett Memorial Bambina. Now that the Easter Bunny has visited (some of us are still looking for our eggs) and we have had a bit of a holiday, spring is in the air and the snow is just about gone so it is time to get very busy on the coming events. We have decided to pass any new information along with this note as well as by our monthly newsletter. This note will be focused on: Organization, Course, Communities, Volunteers and Training. The subsequent note will have a different focus. As our rules are essentially stable except for small adjustments we will only refer to them when there are changes.

Organization: We are making good and solid progress putting in place the final organizations for each of these events and will, in the next newsletter, be announcing who will be doing what for each event.

Courses: The course routes are set and we will be (weather permitting) starting the first runs this coming week. Shortly after that Joe Dowden Clerk of the Course for both events and I will be doing a detailed run of each of the courses the results of which will be given to Chris Langdon who will produce the first of each route book. Then In the first week of May, our long-time friend and course setter Mark Williams will be returning to Targa to detail both the Bambina and Targa courses after which he will return to do the event timing for Targa Newfoundland.

Communities: We have over the winter been meeting with the various communities involved in each event and can safely say that most are totally on the side and working with us to resolve schedules and any issues that may have arisen from last year or from schedules. We are making a concerted effort to bring the communities closer to the 2018 events and to assist that will be appointing a community liaison officer for 2018.

Volunteers: As most of you know our special volunteers work tirelessly to ensure the event runs smoothly. We are recruiting and rearranging the teams so they will be even more effective especially for Targa which has such a broad footprint.

Training: Our annual training and accreditation course has been scheduled to start on Wednesday, May 2nd and proceed for four consecutive Wednesday evenings. It will be held at the Brother Murphy building behind CONA and starting at 7:00 pm.


Robert Giannou
President of Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited

Targa Newfoundland Announces the Newest Addition to the Management Team

Targa Newfoundland announces the newest addition to the management team

ST.JOHN’S, NL (April 1, 2018) – Robert Giannou, President of Targa Newfoundland, is proud to introduce A. F. Day as the event’s first Wildlife Relations Officer (WRO). Day’s duties will be similar to those of the existing Competitor Relations Officers (CRO), who liaise with and assist the event’s competitors, with the distinction being that she will work solely with local wildlife. Her appointment is effective immediately and her duties begin with the 2nd Annual Targa Bambina which is scheduled for June 29 to July 2.

“The position of WRO has been in development for several years,” said Giannou. “Ms. Day’s list of qualifications is as lengthy and impressive as Targa’s history and I am pleased to have her join our already exemplary  team.” Giannou went on to explain that information sessions are planned for the wildlife who live in the immediate areas where Targa stages will be held. These sessions, tentatively scheduled for mid-June in Clarenville and Marystown, will ensure wildlife are aware of best safety practices, road closures and can make necessary adjustments to their schedules.

Day, who has over 30 years experience in Wildlife Management feels that birds and fish will not be affected by Targa’s presence, but land animals may have to use alternate road crossings or adjust feeding areas. “In my experience, the best way to ensure the local wildlife stays safe and has fun is to make sure they are properly educated on the event,” Day stated, “and with some advance notice they can enjoy this world-class event as much as their human counterparts.”

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world. The 2018 competition will start in St. John’s on September 17th and concludes back in the capital on September 21st. The annual rally will cover more than 1,500 kilometers of the challenging, twisty roads of the eastern portion of Newfoundland, including over 400 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.

Wildlife Relations Officer

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