Competitors are the key first step in Targa Newfoundland 2020

One person can’t make Targa Newfoundland happen, but a motivated group certainly can!

Targa has never been a one man show. It has always been the result of the collective effort of competitors, communities, volunteers and sponsors. That’s what we are assembling now for the 2020 return of Targa.  Let’s start with competitors.Since our announcement, I’ve heard from many, many former competitors who’ve called and written to share their memories of the event and wish us success in bringing the 2020 event to life. Obviously, there’s no event without competitors so that’s the starting point in our renewal plan.

To get a minimum of 40 entries that we need to run Targa 2020, I’m challenging the many terrific competitors who have been with us in the past to come back for 2020 – and bring a friend!

Our list of past competitors stretches into the hundreds. For some, it was a once-in-a lifetime experience. But for many more, it was an annual ritual that brought them to the event year after year. So whether you came to Targa once or a dozen times, I’m challenging you to come to Targa 2020 to help make the magic that simply isn’t available anywhere else in North America. Come back for the great friendships, gorgeous Newfoundland scenery, tremendous Newfoundland hospitality and a driving experience like no other.

Targa 2020 is your opportunity to re-live the one motorsport event that will stick in your memory forever. Whether you’ve been a Targa division competitor, a Grand Touring entry or driven the Fast Tour, we want to see you on the stages next year. You can make it happen but you have to start planning today!

As always, call my cell at 709 682 7900 to talk about being part of history in 2020 or email me at


Robert Giannou

Specials for the 2019 Targa Year

There is always a certain amount of fussing about Targa specials so we decided to announce them as a group this year with specific start and finish dates. They are all set out below for clarification but if there are any questions please call Alita Whynot 1-709-746-0783 or Nancy Dowden 1-709-769-2412.

Bambina Entry Special:  Effective immediately, continues until the Bambina registration.
Enter Targa at full price (any division) and the entrant will receive the opportunity to enter the Bambina event for $500.00.  Effective from now until the start of Targa Newfoundland.

Bambina Guest Entry Special.  Effective immediately, continues until July 1st, 2019.
Enter Bambina at full price and the entrant will receive a gift certificate that can be given to a friend to enter the two Bambina Prologue stages for free with the option to finish the Bambina Tour for $800 (a saving of $395).

Bambina or Targa Team Entry Special.  Effective immediately, continues to the Targa event. Enter a team of three cars in the Bambina event and/or Targa event and receive 20% off each entry. This discount is event specific and applies to all entries for the team.

Targa Guest Entry Special.  Starts on July 1st, continues to the Targa event.

Enter Targa at full price and the entrant receives a gift certificate that can be given to a friend to enter two Targa Prologue stages with the option to finish the Targa in Fast Tour for $3,000 (a saving of $995).

No pyramiding or stacking of these specials. You pick the special that most benefit you. All entrants on payment plans (who wish to participate in this contest) must have their balances paid in full.

Come on in… Experience Real People Driving Real Cars on Real Roads

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Garnish Confirms for Both Bambina and Targa Newfoundland!

Andrew and Jason for Garnish story

This year we have returned to Garnish for both the Bambina and Targa events.  Garnish is the home of Targa’s biggest fan Jason Nolan who has, since he first saw Targa Newfoundland, became more and more part of the event. Jason in the early years was adopted by Rick McLeod who in turn, brought the Pacione team (a vast enterprise, complete with its espresso machine and travelling cook) into the event and introduced them to Jason. Jason as a result, acquired his own team uniform, driving suit and an electronic wheelchair which was organized by Rick and the Pacione team.  On our first visit to the community’s town hall, we met Jason. Since that first time, Jason has been a fixture of Targa and its biggest fan in the community. We do heartily thank Garnish and its council for inviting us back, and we will do our absolute best to put on a really good show. The courses for Bambina will run from Frenchman’s Cove to Garnish while the Targa course will run through both towns.

Two new Targa Prologue Stages!


We are pleased to announce two new Targa Prologue Stages!

Picture credit: Town of Bay Bulls

For the upcoming 2019 Targa Newfoundland, we have moved our Prologue stages to the famous southern shore of the province. The communities of Bay Bulls and Witless Bay have agreed to host Prologue day for Targa Newfoundland. The whole Prologue day will start in these two communities beginning with the early morning drivers meeting held in Bay Bulls before we run the two stages in that community. Lunch will be held there as well, and then we will be off to Witless Bay for the Prologue stages followed with a car show for Targa local fans. This will be a significant refresh after spending the first 18 years of Targa Newfoundland in the community of Flatrock and surrounding communities who hosted prologue stages.

These two communities have a fascinating history and are the home away from home for those of Irish extract. They are the first communities to be known in Newfoundland as the Irish Loop.  Both communities are actively focused on tourism in the area with two whale watching vessel operations operating out of Bay Bulls alone.  Bay Bulls is also host to the second sea base for the servicing of our offshore oil industry.  Witless Bay, of course, is home to the largest Puffin colony in the North Atlantic which of course will have a special meaning to Targa competitors.

In Memory of Steve McKelvie

Steve Mckelvie

We lost a great friend and competitor recently.  Steve McKelvie passed away. Steve was a multi-year Targa Newfoundland competitor with Rick McLeod (who has also passed) and Harold Von Langsdorff. Steve was different sort of guy; smart, knowledgeable, intense, focused, and temperamental but still very funny. When he and Rick McLeod got together, you could be sure that someone else was going to get gray hair.  Rest in peace Steve, we will remember you, but you will be missed!

It’s that Time of year again.

Andrew Warren Mustang Story

It’s that Time of year again. Time to prepare for Bambina Newfoundland!
You are maybe wondering, what is Bambina Newfoundland?

Written by Andrew Warren.

I had been driving a Mustang GT for nearly 20 years before entering that first Bambina… I thought I knew my car! I thought I had forced it, about as good as I could have; and certainly imagined myself a decent driver. Probably as good as half of those fellas on TV… Right? Sigh. Wrong. I had NO idea. When you strap yourself down, check the fire extinguisher, windows up, helmet on. It gets real! When you have enough road, and can legally hammer that thing around the next turn as comfortable as possible;

The cars sat crackling and popping as they cooled off after the third or fourth race of Targa Bambina 2018, and twenty-five of us sat on the wall by Appleby’s in Burin exhilarated. Grinning ear to ear and as happy as could be. Most of us, honestly could not recollect a single moment in our lives, that was as exciting; as what we had just experienced. It was the stuff that made little boys dream! Driving our machines as we had always envisioned; on wide closed roads, with no oncoming traffic, around the cliffs and into the tree-laden landscape of our beautiful Newfoundland and Labrador.  It is almost, indescribable.  It felt like fire and lightning in our veins! We were blessed, calm and grateful for the opportunity, all at the same time. Brake your limit…or your car’s… Let me tell you something. That is when you truly understand your relationship with your vehicle.  Moreover, perhaps yourself.

So back to the subject. The Tom Hollett Memorial Bambina is a scaled-down version of Targa Newfoundland. Bambina means “child” or “little one,” and it requires less time, less investment, and less equipment. Because the speeds and regulations differ slightly from the full Targa, teams can enter and race for less than a thousand dollars, over a three-day weekend.  You will be trained on Bambina rules and regulations, competition etiquette, and directed safety protocols for road racing.  It is an excellent opportunity for local amateur racers to experience something only available in exclusive areas of the globe, for a fraction of the price these events usually command.

I made friends for life at that first Bambina, and am stoked to rerun Canada Day weekend. There is indeed nothing I am more looking forward to, seeing my buddies again, the incredible home-cooked meals in the communities, and even our cracked, old heave and fro’ patchwork pavement.  Navigating our roads, at speed; is an experience you will not soon forget.

Newfoundland Motorsports would like to thank everyone for the early entries into the 2019 events.  We are indeed up to par and more than equal to previous years.  Targa Newfoundland will have some new brand promotions soon, so keep your eyes open for Targa and Bambina gear giveaways and specials

More to come profiling some of our early entrants, returning competitors, and new stages for 2019!

New Contest


Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited announces the first contest based on who can deliver the most new entries to either of the two 2019 events.

The competition is open to all Targa Officials, Competitors, Crews and Volunteers.

If you want to participate please call Alita Whynot at our office to register;

  • o: 1-709-722-2413
  • tf: 1-877-332-2413
  • c:  1-709-746-0783

Alita will record your name etc. so you can be scored as you bring in entries.

The Prize; an all-inclusive seven day trip to Cuba for two.  (Certain restrictions will apply)

The following are the contest rules:

Points will be awarded for each new entry brought to Targa or Bambina.

  • A new entry will not have not entered Bambina or Targa event since 2016.
  • To be credited as an entry the competitors must be have paid the entry fee.
  • A paid Targa entry will be awarded three (3) points per entry.
  • A paid Bambina entry will be awarded one (1) point per entry.
  • To qualify, contestants must accumulate a minimum of six (6) points.
  • Entries will only count if they are received at posted entry rates  (including any specials)
  • The contest will start Wednesday March 24th.  Entries already received will not qualify for points.
  • The contest will run until September 16, 2019.
  • Gift Prologue entries will not count unless they enter the balance of the event.
  • In the event of a point tie earliest entry will win.

15th Anniversary Melton Targa jackets for sale!

2016 is Targa Newfoundland’s 15th anniversary event. To celebrate this achievement and this remarkable event we are introducing the 15th Anniversary Targa Newfoundland Crested Melton Jacket!

This one time only issue, beautiful black leather and Melton wool jacket will have the Targa Newfoundland 15th Anniversary logos stitched on the left front chest and entire back of the jacket!

With the 15th Anniversary event fast approaching next September, you will want to have this limited offer piece of Targa memorabilia. The image of a jacket without logo is below for reference purposes. The cost of these jackets is a very special C$250.00 (retail value C$350.00). You can personalize your jacket with your name stitched on the front right breast or arm (please specify) for $15.00 extra. HST and shipping not included. Please identify your jacket size when ordering.

The jackets will be ordered on January 4th so have your order in by then as there will be no further orders. Delivery will take place in late January or early February.

Email with your order and payment information or call 1-877-332-2413 and provide all necessary information for your Melton Targa jacket!

jacket_front jacket_back

Past Issues

Here is where you will find several past issues and current newsletter. If you’d like a copy of an earlier newsletter, please email and reference the year/month or the article within it.

If you wish to receive newsletters on the 1st of each month, please sign up to receive them.

If you know of links to articles that are related to Targa, please contact us and let us know what the link is.

2017 Newsletters

TN Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 12

TN Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 11

TN Newsletter Volume 16 Issue 10




Lucas Oil Challenge

Targa Newfoundland is very proud and pleased to announce that for the eighth consecutive year Lucas Oil has become a major partner of Targa Newfoundland. In celebration of this, the events 15th Anniversary year and in cooperation with J. D. Coyle Sales Inc., the Atlantic Canada agent for Lucas Oil products, we are pleased to announce the creation of the:

Lucas Oil Targa Newfoundland Challenge:

How to enter:
• Enter Targa Newfoundland.
• Contact the event registrar Darren Sheppard and register for the Lucas Oil Challenge.
o Provide the quantity, grade, weight and type of oil (synthetic or regular) you will require.
o Provide details of the engine type make etc.
o Agree to have the results, photographs and material about the car used for such publicity that Lucas may require
• Lucas Engine oil will be provided to your specifications by the Lucas representative at the event.
• The provided Lucas oil will be complementary as recognition of your entry into the Lucas Oil Challenge.
• Entries will not be accepted after registration.

The prize
• A free entry into Targa Newfoundland 2017.
• The entry will be awarded, in the form of a certificate, to the Targa or Grand Touring competitor that accumulates the least penalty points during the 2016 15th anniversary event.
• The competitors scores will be taken from the final finishing scores when posted.


Happy Thanksgiving & Black Friday Special!

Happy Thanksgiving to our American competitors, former competitors and fans!

With that, Targa is having a Black Friday Sale! Black Friday is a huge world-wide sales event. Astounding prices are offered on many goods and services. We are no different!

From now until midnight tomorrow night (November 27th) Targa is offering $1,000.00 off the advertised Targa and Grand Touring entry fee price! *Offer open to everyone (not just Americans), only offered between stated times, must pay full entry fee amount (no payment plan), does not apply to those already entered or entered on previous specials. Other conditions may apply.

Please email to obtain your entry fee or for more information. Can also call 1-877-332-2413 for more information (leave a message if no answer). If contact is made between the hours above, you’ll apply for the discount!

Americans paying in U.S. funds also have an approximate 25% discount due to the exchange rate, so you’ll save even more! Act now!

Targa featured article in December issue of Inside Track Magazine!

Received our Inside Track Magazines in the mail yesterday (thank you guys)! In it, the main article in the magazine is about our 14th annual Targa Newfoundland held this past September! Image below is some of the article in the magazine. You’ll have to purchase the magazine to read the entire piece.

Images of the winners, other great shots, quotes from winners, and a really good article written by Jenn Earle out of Nova Scotia (who has been to the event and is a racing nut herself). Images by our hard working photographer Ralph Saulnier (great shots mate)!

It’s the December issue of Inside Track, so look for it on shelves at your local bookstore or magazine spot. Also can order online at Inside Track Magazine and the website is pretty cool for all motorsports info in general, so added bonus there!

These are the same guys that put off Motorama in Toronto in mid-March that we’ll be attending, so they certainly know their car stuff (and are really great people, love dealing with them). Go buy the magazine peeps!

Targa 2015 - ITMN 1909_001

Remembrance Day discount to veterans and serving armed forces members

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and the Commonwealth. We pause to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, to allow us the freedom to do the things we love in this country.

As Targa’s Thank You to veterans and current serving members, we are taking $1,000.00 off the advertised price of entry into Targa and Grand Touring divisions for the next week. At end of business on the 18th of November, this special will end. We ask those who know veterans or serving members of the armed forces to share this post and let those who are interested in Targa or motorsports in general, that if they wish to enter Targa, then do it now!

Two things are needed in order to apply for the special rate:
– proof of being a veteran or current serving member of the armed forces.
– Either the driver or co-driver has to be a veteran or current serving member of the armed forces (both also can be however the discount will still be $1,000.00).

Please contact for more information or to register for Targa 2016.

Review video of Open Class & Overall 2015 Champion Jean Luc Bergeron

If you have 13 minutes to spare, then you really need to watch this GREAT video of what Targa is all about! Put together by Open Class and Overall Winner Jean Luc Bergeron and his crew, it shows what Targa is all about, and how 4 guys can prep a car and win the event.

Also, very cool story on why they did it in the first place. A promise that was kept, right to the end. Enjoy!

New look website launched for Targa Newfoundland!

It is with great pride that the Targa Newfoundland Board of Governors introduces the start-up of Targa’s new website.

Today our main website,, has been updated and given a brand new look! Developed and designed by the hard working staff of Hume Media Inc., the new website brings in the information from the old website, but sets it out in a much easier layout with faster downloads. A specific “Results” page for past results and where the 2016 results will be posted is easily to access. Clicking on any of the main headings will open up other subcategories once the new page loads. These subcategories include the 2016 Entry list, News, and other information that competitors and fans can access.

We at Targa Newfoundland are thrilled with the layout and how the updated website will allow users to easily gain information and access to other social media sites related to Targa.

“This new website created by Hume Media Inc. really shows the creativity and the amount of effort that can go into such a site”, said Giannou. “The new Targa site will provide fans the option to see the entries, read about the latest news and access our YouTube, Twitter and other social media feeds all through the main website. And it’ll give possible competitors the option to learn about the event, by seeing what past competitors have to say about the event. They can continue to register directly on the website, just as they did with the old one.”

Updates to the main website will continue over the next couple of weeks. Additional headings and pages will be added, such as the newsletter sign-up and forum access, as well as images of past years that need to be uploaded. New entries will also be added to that section as they officially enter the 15th Anniversary Targa.