Basics to Enter

Four wheels, an engine, and a team of driver/co-driver are the basics needed to enter the Targa!

The ‘wanting’ to compete, to attend the ‘Ironman of Motorsports’ needs to be there for all involved in this unique motorsports adventure.  Getting to this rock in the Atlantic isn’t cheap, but can be done on a solid budget.  The entry fees depend on the division entered.  Please, download our 2020 Entry Form to see the cost of each division, plus what the entry fee provides you in insurance, merchandise and other important details.

Need some more information on the event?  Then download our Competitor Presentation that goes into detail on the logistics, budgets, divisions, and other relevant information to assist you on determining if entering is right for you.

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Better yet, contact us at the office. 1-877-332-2413 or email and we’ll gladly assist you with any questions you may have regarding the event.

All competitors require a competition license (either from Targa or another recognized motorsports body), valid first aid (either from Targa or another recognized first aid provider), a valid driver’s license (navigator does not require a driver’s license but cannot drive the vehicle under any circumstances); Targa vehicles must have all necessary safety equipment (roll cage, fire extinguishers, etc.) along with proper fire suits and helmets for team members.

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