COVID still affects us all.  While our country and our province is opening up, there are still very deep concerns about the disease, especially in the smaller communities with the advent of the new variants that are being found.  We therefore have decided to postpone the Targa Rotoura six-day event.  With the course completed, we proceeded to start taking entries only to discover that there are some competitors who have team members who have not yet been vaccinated and some who have no intention of doing so.  We therefore could not accept their entries as that is not acceptable to us or to the communities through which the event would run.  We knew when we set the date and the necessary minimum entry requirements (entry deposits have already been returned) that holding the event would be difficult due to the lateness in the season, especially with the reduced ferry schedules and lingering COVID concerns.

Now with new COVID variants surfacing and numbers rising again, we have decided to slide our events to 2022. Hopefully there will be a clearer view of the future and we, our competitors and participant communities can do more secure long-range planning.

Despite this delay we are delighted to have had the opportunity to reset our management team and develop the courses to a book-print-ready format. The time, energy and investment was certainly not spent in vain as it set in place a great team and established the necessary groundwork to go forward from.

We have now put in place the following full schedules for 2022.  The events will be held as follows…

  • Targa Bambina four-day event (two or three Competition days and one Course Familiarization day) is now scheduled to happen between Thursday July 21st to Sunday July 24h 2022. This course has already been set and will be announced in 2022. 
  • The full Targa Newfoundland eight-day event (six competition days and two Course Familiarization days) is now scheduled to happen from Friday September 9th and Saturday September 17th, 2022. This course is set in concept and will be announced in 2022.

The Competition and Vehicle preparation Rules and Regulations for both events will be the same but may be adjusted to comply with COVID or other Municipal or Provincial requirements.

To reduce any doubt or confusion we will not accept entry applications until the new year.  The office will be open on January 4th 2022 when we will be accepting applications for entry into both events at that time.  We will use the same 10% reservation fee system with all paid fees being refundable, although some specific conditions will apply.


We have created an “in between” event which will be four days in duration. We have named it after its New Zealand counterpart, the town of Rotuora. The word is a Maori word meaning two lakes. While our event’s name is pronounced the same, please note that it is spelt differently. It is a contraction of the words “round” and “tour” meaning a “rotating tour”. It suits our event and is now a pure Newfoundland word.

Newfoundland is now at COVID Level 2, and is continuing to improve daily. The Atlantic Bubble as well as travel inside Canada is open. Things are getting better so “still we rise”. There are now talks ongoing that may lead to the Canadian/American border being open in the near future.

To facilitate the Rotoura having a full field of entries, we have elected to delay the event and run between Thursday October 7th to Sunday 10th inclusive. We realize that this is the Thanksgiving weekend, so we have scheduled the events so it will be complete on Sunday afternoon.
We will require a minimum of 20 entries for this Rotoura event to proceed. That being said we will only accept a total of 30 competitive entries on a first come, first served basis.

Added to the above schedule will be our Course Familiarization Program (CFP). This will be held before the event on Tuesday and Wednesday (October 5th and 6th respectively). The CFP will be compulsory for all competitors. This course and the Targa Rotoura will provide all participants with two full days of Course Familiarization and on-the-road practice, followed by the fast-paced, fun, four-day Rotoura event.

Those volunteering as officials in the event as well as those entering the event and their crews, must show proof of full COVID vaccination. All participating in the event will be tested to ensure they are COVID free. The car preparation rules for the Targa Rotoura will be the rules that are currently in effect for the Bambina event. We have elected to go with these rules as they are better suited to the shorter events and make the logistics of running the event simpler. These rules and the COVID procedures that competitors and volunteers must follow, will be available at registration.

An “Around St. John’s” configuration has been designed for this year’s Targa Rotoura. The daily format will see transiting to stages from 8:30am to 9:30am, and then competing from 10:00am to 12:00 noon. Lunch and open-air shows will be held from 12:00 to 2:00 followed by competition from 2:00pm to 4:00pm. Dining and entertainment events will be held subject to COVID regulations. We will be working closely with the host communities to set up both a revenue-sharing program and to ensure that COVID safety practices are in place. The entry fees have been adjusted to provide the necessary additional funding. To balance this, we will provide an upgraded version of the services offered in past events. Detailed schedules will be available at registration.

Media: Chris Langdon

Competitors / Sponsors: Robert Giannou
1-709-683-7900 (cell)
1-709-722-2413 (office)

Bambina 2020 Cancellation

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited announces Covid Cancellation of its Bambina.

St. John’s (August 31, 2020) After nearly 20 consecutive years of staging one of Canada’s most iconic and

challenging motorsport events, Targa Newfoundland has decided to cancel its Super Targa Bambina event that was

scheduled for this coming September.

Joe Dowden, President of the organization, announced today that it simply did not feel right to schedule the event

under the current circumstances. “COVID -19 has affected each and every one of us in some very measurable

way,” stated Dowden. “Out of respect for the people in the communities through which this event runs and

considering the inevitable interaction between communities and our competitors, the simplest and smartest thing

we can do to avoid interaction and support social distancing is cancel the event. We will gather together our ideas,

then blend them with this experience and concentrate on making ourselves ready for next year’s events. We will be

staying in touch with the communities, our competitors, and the province.”

Dowden explained that this decision has the full support of the event’s Board who have already put the

management group in place which will take the event forward into the future.

Robert Giannou, chairman of the organization, said, “as regretful as this decision is, it is had to be made, this was

the only logical conclusion. We are confident that we can use this time to do some very effective future planning and

try out some ideas we have been considering for some time. We are in the process of entering a very different world

and we feel that the future Targa events may also have to be conducted is a very different to match these times.”

New President Announcement

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited announces a New President.

St. John’s (August 12, 2020) After nearly 20 years of staging one of Canada’s most iconic and challenging motorsport events, there is a change in management at Targa Newfoundland.

Effective August 10, Joe Dowden will move from Clerk of the Course to assume the role of President of Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited. He will take over the day-to-day planning of Targa Newfoundland and Targa Bambina, the two annual events staged on the roads of eastern and southern Newfoundland. Dowden will shoulder the responsibilities currently held by Robert Giannou who created and has organized the events since the inaugural Targa Newfoundland in September, 2002.

Dowden, who started with the event as a volunteer in 2003 as a Safety Marshal and who has held progressively more responsible positions through the years, will lead a volunteer group to handle the event. Such duties will include route planning, community liaison, volunteer management, registration, safety, scoring and the many other aspects of the complex, multi-day motorsport events.

Giannou will stay with the organization and assume the role of Chairman of the Board concentrating on securing the long-term future of Targa Newfoundland through new ownership.

“Joe knows and understands both events inside-out. He has handled just about every job: from marshalling to dragging cars out of ditches, to working with communities to dealing with competitor issues”, said Giannou. “He has been Clerk of the Course of both events for the past three years and has a proven record that he can lead these events into this new era. Most importantly, he has my total confidence and trust. Joe is the right guy to take the reins at this important time in the history of Targa Newfoundland.”

Dowden’s first duty will be to reconfirm the organization of the event management group. Then he will focus on the presentation of the Super Bambina event scheduled for Friday September 11 through Monday September 14 in the lower Burin. The event will be operated under strict COVID-19 Rules and Regulations. “Operating this event under the present conditions will bring it’s challenges. However, we and all who participate in the event will keep the communities and the volunteers who help run the event, safe and healthy,” Dowden added.

Targa-Bambina 2020 postponed

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited regrets to inform you that due to the COVID pandemic we will be postponing the first combined Targa Bambina and Targa Newfoundland events which were scheduled to be held during September 2020.

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited is proud to inform you that we will be launching the first combined Targa Bambina and Targa Newfoundland events on September 11th to 18th 2021.

The reasons for the postponement are as follows:

  • The course, while ready to run, could not have been totally finalized until the Green Check was completed in August.
  • In reviewing our rules so they would comply with Covid requirements, we realized that social gatherings such as the start Meet and Greet and Awards Gala would have to be removed from the schedule. As well, special arrangements would have to be made for the daily community lunches.
  • These social gatherings, hotel and B&B arrangements would also have to be reviewed as all are a very critical part of the joint Bambina-Targa event.
  • In addition it is apparent that our borders; internationally, nationally and provincially, do not seem to be opening any time soon. More important, the Atlantic provinces are holding them tight.
  • Marine Atlantic will not be operating the North Sydney to Argentia run this year. This is the route of choice for most of our competitors. While it is not a complete shutdown, it would require competitors coming from North America to use the North Sydney to Port aux Basque route, which requires an 1800 km drive to St. john’s and return.
  • Our Provincial Government has also announced its new COVID reopening regulations which are much slower than anticipated.

While we regret that we are forced into this decision, it is very much a “force majore” situation. We wish to assure all that we are alive, safe and well and very busy planning for a huge 20/20 Targa Newfoundland / Bambina celebration. It will be our 20th event and 20th year in 2021. Our rules and regulations are set until 2023 so there will be no changes to be concerned about.

Should the COVID rules change, and the opportunity present itself will look to running the 4th 3 day Bambina event in the autumn of 2020.

We will update and advise as we know more.

Stay Safe and Healthy

Robert Giannou

When the situation improves, we’ll be ready to race

St. John’s, (March 25 2020) a Statement from Targa President Robert Giannou: “When the situation improves, we’ll be ready to race at the September Targa/Bambina 2020.”

Targa Newfoundland / Bambina management staff are moving ahead with planning for the 2020 Targa/Bambina joint event.  We are looking to the future.  The Covid-19 Crisis will end and we want to be ready to run this fantastic event, with its multiple stages, in so many communities. While at present no-one can be certain of exactly when the situation will improve. When it does, we’ll be ready to race at the September Targa/Bambina 2020.

We recognise there is significant potential for postponements in the motorsport world generally but, due to our positioning in the Fall of this year, we expect to be up and running with minimum effect on our schedule. We invite all those competitors whose other events have been delayed or cancelled to come join us!  The joint Targa Newfoundland / Bambina Course Familiarization School will be held on September 10th and 11th. Registration will be on the 12th and the event of the 13th through the 19th.

We are in the process of setting up our management team and scheduling our volunteer training, which may take place a little later in the year and will be complete before September.  We will not post our training schedule yet, but we will as soon as travel in Canada and the United States normalizes.

Our regulations will remain the same. There may be some adjustments and slight policy changes to accommodate our new scoring and timing methods; but by-in-large the events rules and regulations will remain the same.

We are streamlining the event to be the best it has ever been! We are following the advice of physicians and provincial health officials, as our first priority will always be the safety and health of our fans, the communities we visit and those within the Targa Newfoundland family. 

When all is said and done, everyone invested in this sport at every level will feel rewarded.  In the meantime, please follow the rules… Wash, Sanitize, Cleaning and Avoid close contact. Seriously!

Best wishes,

Robert Giannou

Targa Update

To All of the Targa Newfoundland and Bambina Families, Competitors, Crews, Volunteers and Communities:

There is an old Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times”. It certainly seems to be such a time for us here in Newfoundland and for all our world wide friends who come to compete in our events.  We have no doubt that we will master this challenge and to that end, we want to assure you that we are moving ahead full steam on the 2020 joint Targa and Bambina events.  It seems from what we know,  Newfoundland and most of North America will be well past the peak of the Corona Virus Pandemic and headed to much better and more normal times by the time our September 12th to 19th dates roll around. So lets get registering…

To assist you in the registration process we have, with the help of Hume Media, posted a
new, simplified and revised, single purpose entry form on the site.  Fill out your registration Part One, download it and e-mail it to us as per the instructions on the form.   That gets you registered.  Then, when you have your crew and vehicle information complete, fill out Part Two and send it in as per the instructions.

We have also for your convenience, set up a PayPal account which will make it easier for payments to be processed.  If there are any questions, please call me directly on my cell at 1-709-682-7900 or call our office at 1-877-332-2413; both of which are message managed.

In the meantime we have all heard what follows, many times in the recent days but we thought that we should summarize it for those that may have missed it.

The virus can be beaten by utilizing a few very simple, common sense rules:

  • Cleanliness is king, be fastidious about yourself.
  • Be responsible and stay home when and if possible, it is the best defense.  
  • Use soap and water frequently; wash your hands for 20 secs like surgeons do; the tops, bottoms, between fingers, under nails, and palms of hands.  Rinse your hands at an angle and if you are not in your own home, turn off taps with paper towel.
  • Wash or clean every item you took outside with you;  brief cases, suit cases, sunglasses cases etc.

We must and can stop the spread.  To do that simply follow the protocols you are given by authorities and limit your community contact.  A note about respirators and masks…  Most masks on the market except the N95 respirator are USELESS to stop the spray of bacteria after a sneeze or cough, so save your money.

Be safe, be clean, and we look forward to seeing you all in September.  Remember:  It’s all about the drive, real cars, real people, and real challenging roads.  More exciting organizational news will be coming in the next few weeks.

Stay healthy, and we will see you in September.

Robert Giannou

Registration Details

To all Targa and Bambina Competitors:

For those of you who do not live in Newfoundland and wonder what the delays have been in posting our Entry Forms or getting them out to those who requested them I have to advise you that we have been busy. We have had no less than 355 cms of snow up to yesterday. If that is not depressing enough there have been about 80 days of snow so far this year with some more (10 cms) coming this week. The snow pile on our front lawn is 6 meters high.

Nevertheless… We have persevered and with the help of Hume Media we have now posted our new entry forms (one form for all; the Bambina, Targa, and our Course Familiarization school). The forms, in fillable PDF format, are now posted on this web site. So fill them out and forward to or There is a rumor spring is coming.

Now a few notes and reminders:

Those registered for 2019 will still have to complete ENTRY FORM, PART 1 of our forms to reconfirm your entry. Our insurance requires this.

  • You will have to pay the new scoring tracker surcharge which is set out on the forms.
  • If you owe a balance on the normal fee you will only be required to be required to pay the balance under last year’s rates.
  • If your car has not changed you will not have to complete PART 2 of the form.

New registrants for 2020 will have to fill out part one of the forms immediately and then provide PART 2 later. The same tracker fee applies.

PayPal… We have now embraced PayPal for your convenience. Please bear with us for the first few days as we get used to this new system.

Remember the two events are now a joint event. And the dates are:
Bambina: Saturday to Tuesday September 12 to 15
Targa: Saturday to Saturday September 12 to 20
Familiarization School: Thurs & Friday September 10 and 11

All for now, see you in September
Robert Giannou

A New Joint Event Beginning

To all Targa Newfoundland & Bambina Competitors and Fans

The month of January was to be a month of change for Targa Newfoundland, but the proposed sale of the two companies behind the annual Targa Newfoundland and Bambina motorsport events did not go ahead.  Negotiations were terminated in mid-January 2020.   We decided to hold any releases until February. We are now pleased to announce the following:


  • Roger Grimes, Past Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (involved in the creation of Targa Newfoundland) and current Chairman of the Canada Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, has agreed to take on the position of Chairman of Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited.
  • Mark Williams has been retained to do the course Green Check and then return as Event Steward for the combined Targa / Bambina events.
  • Pete MacDonald and his EZ Track system (used by ARA, CRC and Ontario Region) has been retained for timing and scoring the two events.

Targa Newfoundland 2020:

  • Will follow an eight-day format: Registration Saturday Sept 12, Prologue Sunday 13, Competition Monday 14 – Friday 18, Awards on Saturday 19.
  • Will overnight in the following communities: Saturday and Sunday – St. John’s, Monday to Wednesday – Marystown, Thursday – Clarenville and Friday and Saturday – St. John’s.

Bambina Newfoundland 2020

  • Bambina will be blended into Targa where it will run as an additional class within the Targa event.
  • Bambina will follow a four-day format: Registration Saturday Sept 12, Prologue Sunday Sept 13, Competition Monday Sept 14 and Tuesday 15.

Course Familiarization School

  • The school (mandatory for first time license holders and new-comers) will be held on Thursday and Friday September 10 – 11.

Management Team   

Joe Dowden appointed Clerk of the Course, Chris Landon Media Relations, Nancy Dowden Chief CRO.  Leah Dalton Course Audit and Mike Davenport, a super experienced past competitor will return to guide and supervise the Fast Tour entrants.  Anthony Butler will assume responsibility for Stage operations assisted by Matt Dowden who will be Assistant Clerk of the Course. The remaining management team members will be announced in future releases.


We wish to thank those who registered for Targa 2019 and waited through the postponement period.  We are grateful for their support and hope that they will all join us for the Return of Targa. We have not yet accepted any new entries, but we are ready now and have approximately 20 on the wait list. These two groups, when combined, make up more than 2/3 of the number required to make the joint Targa/Bambina 2020 event a great success.

Alita Whynot is our Registrar and either she or I are now open and ready to take your call or answer your questions about this fabulous week of motorsport. Call or e-mail us now at:

 Alita Whynot                       C: 1-709-746-0783 or E:

Robert Giannou                  C: 1-709-682-7900 or E:

Or call our office toll free at 1-877-332-2413

Help us celebrate this first Joint Targa / Bambina event with us. Register now by calling or emailing either of the above people…
Let’s get this fantastic on the road.

Competitors are the key first step in Targa Newfoundland 2020

One person can’t make Targa Newfoundland happen, but a motivated group certainly can!

Targa has never been a one man show. It has always been the result of the collective effort of competitors, communities, volunteers and sponsors. That’s what we are assembling now for the 2020 return of Targa.  Let’s start with competitors.Since our announcement, I’ve heard from many, many former competitors who’ve called and written to share their memories of the event and wish us success in bringing the 2020 event to life. Obviously, there’s no event without competitors so that’s the starting point in our renewal plan.

To get a minimum of 40 entries that we need to run Targa 2020, I’m challenging the many terrific competitors who have been with us in the past to come back for 2020 – and bring a friend!

Our list of past competitors stretches into the hundreds. For some, it was a once-in-a lifetime experience. But for many more, it was an annual ritual that brought them to the event year after year. So whether you came to Targa once or a dozen times, I’m challenging you to come to Targa 2020 to help make the magic that simply isn’t available anywhere else in North America. Come back for the great friendships, gorgeous Newfoundland scenery, tremendous Newfoundland hospitality and a driving experience like no other.

Targa 2020 is your opportunity to re-live the one motorsport event that will stick in your memory forever. Whether you’ve been a Targa division competitor, a Grand Touring entry or driven the Fast Tour, we want to see you on the stages next year. You can make it happen but you have to start planning today!

As always, call my cell at 709 682 7900 to talk about being part of history in 2020 or email me at


Robert Giannou

PR- Targa: Is it Safe?

For Immediate Release
ST. JOHN’S, NL (June 21, 2019)

By: Mike Aylward

Targa: Is it Safe?                                                                                                                       

Safety is a subjective term.

Safety can be about time. Safety can be about accepting risk.

I think safety is about taking responsibility for your actions.

No doubt, “safety” and “safe” are subjective terms. They tell us it is “safe” to get on an airplane travelling at 1000+ Kph at 35,000+ feet in the air.  Really. Mmmhmm.  And if they lose their propulsion system? Or the “autopilot” puts them into a dive…  What safety protocols kick in then?

I can confidently state I feel much ‘safer’ travelling at 90 miles per hour, a few feet above sea level, in my own vehicle; one in which I can also personally vouch for its operational integrity.  We put much trust in others when travelling commercially.

Getting in my Mustang and hammering it around a few turns is not something I would consider unsafe.  Now were I about to take an Olympic ski jump at 85mph or enter a UFC ring, or even get on one of those aforementioned airplanes and skate up to around 35,000 feet… I might say a few hail whomevers.  I have no control and therefore feel the risk is higher.

I guess it boils down to the fact I much prefer to be in charge of my own fate.  To me, anything else is just not safe.

So can we actually measure, how “safe” something is?  Can we really compare planes, trains, and automobiles? And then, when they are out of control?

They have been telling us for years that flying is the safest mode of travel. However in my mind, if there IS an incident; your chances of survivability, are basically nil; certainly if you are a mile or two up… Skydiving? Same deal.  Not for me nope.  Bungee Jumping? Nada.

Point being, what I consider to be safe, may not be the same as the person sitting next to me.

Another example… I was watching the news the other night, and a Newfoundlander made it to the summit of Mt. Everest.  Wicked job buddy!  But you wouldn’t catch me doing it.  Nooo, sir.  Did you see the caravan of dozens of people on those teeny tiny ledges of snow and ice? Fellas beating past each other to get to the very top?  And then many had to step OVER a deceased climber to get down out of it? Sweet honourable frosted tomatoes in the garden bys… SAFE?  I’ll take my chances at 200kph in a steel cocoon under my own control any-day.

Air travel safety statistics are not really directly comparable to automotive safety anyway, as there is no “likelihood of injury vs death” metric for us to use.

Much of the focus in automotive safety is survivability.  We know there will be crashes, no matter what variables we manage to control… So the industry has placed more of a focus on helping drivers and passengers, race officials and spectators all; make it to the end of the race injury-free.  Airline safety is not about survivability, it is about preventing catastrophic system failure. So their research and development dollars are probably not going into the seat restraint systems or safe spectator algorithms.  Safety has a different foundation in that industry.

As with everything, history has taught us much about safety. But not without cost.

Auto racing got its first big safety wake-up call in 1955 at the 24 hrs of Lemans.  After a collision with another car, one of the vehicles left the track at over 100+ mph and careened into the spectator stands.  Over 80 people were killed. It was the worst crash in history.

After that, public and sponsor support for auto racing significantly dropped so aficionados started forming clubs and organizations dedicated to standardizing safety protocols around drivers/vehicles, spectators, and races.  Eventually, significant progress was made in terms of safety of the spectators and events but the risks to the driver, have never fully been eliminated.

When the tires ultimately break loose on a Targa car, we know exactly how the machine is going to behave under most circumstances.  Ninety-nine percent of the population has no idea how their vehicles will react in emergent types of situations or maneuvers. We practice them. I feel safe when this happens.

There are both average speed limits, and maximum speed limits enforced across all Targa classes during competition. Targa class also requires full roll cages, racing harnesses, fire suits and other special safety equipment. Driver and vehicle are about as “safe” as they can be, during Targa Newfoundland.

Every year Newfoundland Motorsports offers its competitive driving school where entrants are trained in the finer points of safety and racing specific to Targa Newfoundland events.  I can personally attest, it is an excellent school and Targa Newfoundland’s (already excellent) track record has been improving steadily since its inception.

# # #

Targa NL Media:
Local: 709-722-2413
Toll-Free: 1-877-332-2413

Be a smart spectator.

Stand at least 10 meters from the road.

Choose high ground.

Never stand on the outside of a turn.

Never stand behind red tape.

Always stand – Never sit down to watch.

Did you know Targa-class requires:

  • Full roll cages equipped in cars
  • Fire suppression system or multiple fire extinguishers
  • Flame retardant nomex racing suits, gloves and shoes
  • Recently certified (within 5 years) Snell approved helmets
  • HANS Device (Head and Neck Support)
  • Multi-point harness restraint system
  • Underhood electrical short prevention
  • Competition Drivers License
  • First aid / Safety Training

Quick Facts:

  • Participating vehicles have driven over 5,000,000 kilometres of NL roads
  • Competing vehicles have driven 250,000 kilometres of closed road competitive stages
  • Stages have been hosted by 120 different communities
  • Those 120 communities have hosted 890 stages

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world. The 2019 event starts with our two-day Driving School on September 12th & 13th. The Tech/Registration Day is September 14th. Prologue Stages occur on September 15th. The competition will start in St. John’s on September 16th and concludes back in the capital on September 20th. The annual rally will cover more than 1,500 kilometres of the challenging, twisty roads of the central and eastern portion of the island of Newfoundland, including over 440 kilometres of closed-road, high-velocity Targa stages.



Limited Targa Volunteer Openings Available!

Love motorsports? Want to compete in Bambina Newfoundland or Targa Newfoundland but can’t. Then volunteer with us! Help the sport help you! Learn the event up front and personally. Become part of the very special and select group people that run the events. We have just…

Four weeks to the 3rd Annual Bambina Newfoundland from June 28th to July 1st, 2019;

Four months to the 18th Annual Targa Newfoundland from September 14th to 21st, 2019.

There are a limited number of openings for Stage Operations Teams. Support the sport we all love. Volunteer for either Bambina, Targa or both! Event operations training sessions will begin shortly.

These positions will require you to be available to travel as a member of our Event Operations Group – performing Timing or Set-Up duties:

Set-Up Vehicles set up the stages to ensure they run timely and safely. They work closely with communities and their volunteers.

Timing Teams run the stages, score the competitors and present the results for the Scorer. They work closely with competitors.

We provide accommodations, a meal allowance while on the road and a gas allowance for those that are required to use their vehicles.

If you wish to participate contact Leah Dalton, Volunteer Coordinator at or fill out the volunteer form on our website;
or Call: 709-722-2413 / toll free: 1-877-332-2413

MINI Canada offers Contingency Award Program

MINI Canada offers Contingency Award Program

MINI Canada offers Contingency Award Program for the 8th year in a row to Targa Newfoundland MINI competitors.

MINI Canada and Targa Newfoundland are proud to announce that for the 8th year in a row MINI Canada will provide the Contingency Award Program. This program rewards those competitors using a MINI and who finish first in their competitive division, to receive $3,000.00 CDN directly from MINI Canada!

*For more information about the rules and regulations are available from or by contacting the Targa Newfoundland office at


Specials for the 2019 Targa Year

There is always a certain amount of fussing about Targa specials so we decided to announce them as a group this year with specific start and finish dates. They are all set out below for clarification but if there are any questions please call Alita Whynot 1-709-746-0783 or Nancy Dowden 1-709-769-2412.

Bambina Entry Special:  Effective immediately, continues until the Bambina registration.
Enter Targa at full price (any division) and the entrant will receive the opportunity to enter the Bambina event for $500.00.  Effective from now until the start of Targa Newfoundland.

Bambina Guest Entry Special.  Effective immediately, continues until July 1st, 2019.
Enter Bambina at full price and the entrant will receive a gift certificate that can be given to a friend to enter the two Bambina Prologue stages for free with the option to finish the Bambina Tour for $800 (a saving of $395).

Bambina or Targa Team Entry Special.  Effective immediately, continues to the Targa event. Enter a team of three cars in the Bambina event and/or Targa event and receive 20% off each entry. This discount is event specific and applies to all entries for the team.

Targa Guest Entry Special.  Starts on July 1st, continues to the Targa event.

Enter Targa at full price and the entrant receives a gift certificate that can be given to a friend to enter two Targa Prologue stages with the option to finish the Targa in Fast Tour for $3,000 (a saving of $995).

No pyramiding or stacking of these specials. You pick the special that most benefit you. All entrants on payment plans (who wish to participate in this contest) must have their balances paid in full.

Come on in… Experience Real People Driving Real Cars on Real Roads

Call Now 1-877-332-2413