Notice Board Posts

September 10, 0705 hrs – Breathalyzer will begin at 0800 hrs this morning upstairs in the arena. Competitor Meeting (Driver/Co-Driver/Navigator must attend) will begin at 0900 hrs upstairs in the arena. This is a mandatory meeting!

August 26, 0827 hours – Less than two weeks before the start of the 16th annual Targa Newfoundland.  All competitors must have all documentation completed and sent into the office.  Please refer to your Event Schedule that was sent out a week ago for details on where you need to be and for when.  Registration is open at 8am, Saturday, September 9th, at Jack Byrne Arena in Torbay.  It will continue until 5pm.  If you need to attend the Emergency Responder course, that is scheduled for 2:30pm, then please get through Registration and Tech before that course begins.

Information pertaining to such things as Registration, Scoring, and other Targa notices will be posted here when possible. Competitors are to check this page, plus their emails for new or updated information. The physical Notice Board will be located in each overnight arena close to the entrance.