Bambina 2020 Cancellation

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited announces Covid Cancellation of its Bambina.

St. John’s (August 31, 2020) After nearly 20 consecutive years of staging one of Canada’s most iconic and

challenging motorsport events, Targa Newfoundland has decided to cancel its Super Targa Bambina event that was

scheduled for this coming September.

Joe Dowden, President of the organization, announced today that it simply did not feel right to schedule the event

under the current circumstances. “COVID -19 has affected each and every one of us in some very measurable

way,” stated Dowden. “Out of respect for the people in the communities through which this event runs and

considering the inevitable interaction between communities and our competitors, the simplest and smartest thing

we can do to avoid interaction and support social distancing is cancel the event. We will gather together our ideas,

then blend them with this experience and concentrate on making ourselves ready for next year’s events. We will be

staying in touch with the communities, our competitors, and the province.”

Dowden explained that this decision has the full support of the event’s Board who have already put the

management group in place which will take the event forward into the future.

Robert Giannou, chairman of the organization, said, “as regretful as this decision is, it is had to be made, this was

the only logical conclusion. We are confident that we can use this time to do some very effective future planning and

try out some ideas we have been considering for some time. We are in the process of entering a very different world

and we feel that the future Targa events may also have to be conducted is a very different to match these times.”

New President Announcement

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited announces a New President.

St. John’s (August 12, 2020) After nearly 20 years of staging one of Canada’s most iconic and challenging motorsport events, there is a change in management at Targa Newfoundland.

Effective August 10, Joe Dowden will move from Clerk of the Course to assume the role of President of Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited. He will take over the day-to-day planning of Targa Newfoundland and Targa Bambina, the two annual events staged on the roads of eastern and southern Newfoundland. Dowden will shoulder the responsibilities currently held by Robert Giannou who created and has organized the events since the inaugural Targa Newfoundland in September, 2002.

Dowden, who started with the event as a volunteer in 2003 as a Safety Marshal and who has held progressively more responsible positions through the years, will lead a volunteer group to handle the event. Such duties will include route planning, community liaison, volunteer management, registration, safety, scoring and the many other aspects of the complex, multi-day motorsport events.

Giannou will stay with the organization and assume the role of Chairman of the Board concentrating on securing the long-term future of Targa Newfoundland through new ownership.

“Joe knows and understands both events inside-out. He has handled just about every job: from marshalling to dragging cars out of ditches, to working with communities to dealing with competitor issues”, said Giannou. “He has been Clerk of the Course of both events for the past three years and has a proven record that he can lead these events into this new era. Most importantly, he has my total confidence and trust. Joe is the right guy to take the reins at this important time in the history of Targa Newfoundland.”

Dowden’s first duty will be to reconfirm the organization of the event management group. Then he will focus on the presentation of the Super Bambina event scheduled for Friday September 11 through Monday September 14 in the lower Burin. The event will be operated under strict COVID-19 Rules and Regulations. “Operating this event under the present conditions will bring it’s challenges. However, we and all who participate in the event will keep the communities and the volunteers who help run the event, safe and healthy,” Dowden added.

When the situation improves, we’ll be ready to race

St. John’s, (March 25 2020) a Statement from Targa President Robert Giannou: “When the situation improves, we’ll be ready to race at the September Targa/Bambina 2020.”

Targa Newfoundland / Bambina management staff are moving ahead with planning for the 2020 Targa/Bambina joint event.  We are looking to the future.  The Covid-19 Crisis will end and we want to be ready to run this fantastic event, with its multiple stages, in so many communities. While at present no-one can be certain of exactly when the situation will improve. When it does, we’ll be ready to race at the September Targa/Bambina 2020.

We recognise there is significant potential for postponements in the motorsport world generally but, due to our positioning in the Fall of this year, we expect to be up and running with minimum effect on our schedule. We invite all those competitors whose other events have been delayed or cancelled to come join us!  The joint Targa Newfoundland / Bambina Course Familiarization School will be held on September 10th and 11th. Registration will be on the 12th and the event of the 13th through the 19th.

We are in the process of setting up our management team and scheduling our volunteer training, which may take place a little later in the year and will be complete before September.  We will not post our training schedule yet, but we will as soon as travel in Canada and the United States normalizes.

Our regulations will remain the same. There may be some adjustments and slight policy changes to accommodate our new scoring and timing methods; but by-in-large the events rules and regulations will remain the same.

We are streamlining the event to be the best it has ever been! We are following the advice of physicians and provincial health officials, as our first priority will always be the safety and health of our fans, the communities we visit and those within the Targa Newfoundland family. 

When all is said and done, everyone invested in this sport at every level will feel rewarded.  In the meantime, please follow the rules… Wash, Sanitize, Cleaning and Avoid close contact. Seriously!

Best wishes,

Robert Giannou

Limited Targa Volunteer Openings Available!

Love motorsports? Want to compete in Bambina Newfoundland or Targa Newfoundland but can’t. Then volunteer with us! Help the sport help you! Learn the event up front and personally. Become part of the very special and select group people that run the events. We have just…

Four weeks to the 3rd Annual Bambina Newfoundland from June 28th to July 1st, 2019;

Four months to the 18th Annual Targa Newfoundland from September 14th to 21st, 2019.

There are a limited number of openings for Stage Operations Teams. Support the sport we all love. Volunteer for either Bambina, Targa or both! Event operations training sessions will begin shortly.

These positions will require you to be available to travel as a member of our Event Operations Group – performing Timing or Set-Up duties:

Set-Up Vehicles set up the stages to ensure they run timely and safely. They work closely with communities and their volunteers.

Timing Teams run the stages, score the competitors and present the results for the Scorer. They work closely with competitors.

We provide accommodations, a meal allowance while on the road and a gas allowance for those that are required to use their vehicles.

If you wish to participate contact Leah Dalton, Volunteer Coordinator at or fill out the volunteer form on our website;
or Call: 709-722-2413 / toll free: 1-877-332-2413

9.6.1 Maximum Speeds, Averages Speeds and Penalties

To all Targa Competitors:

Over the years, as this event has matured, some Targa Communities have expressed a concern about the speeds involved in the event.  Most of these concerns are simply brought about by visual experience, gossip and exaggeration.  Nevertheless, perception often becomes reality and the result is that the event becomes a victim of very exaggerated speed claims.  We have therefore decided to adjust our speed penalties so they include no only monetary fines but time penalties based on the amount on the infraction over the allowed speed.  Both these penalties will be strictly enforced.  Below is the revised section of the rules that sets out the applicable penalties.


9.6.1 Maximum Speeds, Averages Speeds and Penalties


  • Fast/Quick Tour entrants must not exceed a top speed of 130kph or an average speed of 110 kph.
  • Grand Touring competitors must not exceed a top speed of 150kph or an average speed of 125kph
  • Targa competitors must not exceed a top speed of 200kph or an average speed of 140 kph.


Penalties for Grand Touring and Targa Competitors:

Speed 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
0 – 10 kph over Warning $250.00 +

1 sec per kph over

$500.00 +

3 sec per kph over

11 – 20 kph over $250.00 +

1 sec per kph over

$500.00 +

3 sec per kph over

$1,000.00 +

5 sec per kph over

21 – 30 kph over $500.00 +

3 sec per kph over

$1,000.00 +

5 sec per kph over

$2,000.00 +

7 sec per kph over

31 kph & over $1,000.00 +

5 sec per kph over

$2,000.00 +

7 sec per kph over


Penalties for Fast/Quick Tour Competitors:

Fast/Quick Tour cash fines will be doubled due to the non-competitive nature of the division.

Speed 1st Offense 2nd Offense 3rd Offense
0 – 10 kph over Warning $500.00 $1,000.00


11 – 20 kph over $500.00 $1,000.00




21 – 30 kph over $1,00.00






31 kph & over $2,000.00





We trust that you will understand just how serious this issue is for the future of the event. As faster and faster vehicles enter the event it becomes virtually impossible to control the terminal speeds. This therefore becomes an issue of banning certain vehicles (which we do not want to do) and dealing with the safety of the competitors in these extremely fast cars. Some of these cars can far exceed our target speeds if they are allowed to exceed the events maximum allowed speeds.  So rather than ban certain cars we will penalize them.


For the sake of the sport and its safety, and for the sake of the competition we ask you to  abide by these rules.  If that does not work then we will strictly enforce these rules.