CBC Newfoundland and Labrador picks Targa’s April Fool’s release #2!

We’re #2! We’re #2!

Yesterday we put out a release stating we were bringing in the “Marine Division” to Targa. An April Fool’s Joke of course! Full credits should be given to Chris Langdon, who sent the release into us. Chris is our design guy (he designs and creates the posters, other special ad’s and the Route Books each year). He did a great job on the release and he should be congratulated!

The link is the Top 3 “jokes” that went viral in the province yesterday, at least according to the CBC. The RNC policing the Bahamas was certainly #1. Their PR and social media folks over there know a thing or two about getting attention. Good job on them.

But, Targa came #2! Not bad for a release that was thought of as Chris was typing it out. Totally didn’t expect it to get the attention it did. Very proud of Chris for coming up with it. Good work mate!

We’d also like to thank CBC Newfoundland & Labrador for picking us #2!

Here’s the link to the CBC story!

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