Exchange rate benefiting possible U.S. competitors

The Canadian dollar is currently trading at 0.72 cents U.S. This means the exchange rate is almost at 30% for Americans who wish to pay using American dollars. A good example, the current Targa division price is $6,895.00 CDN before taxes. Pop that into the exchange rate calculator and that comes out to be $4,935.49 U.S. dollars before taxes. That’s almost $2,000.00 savings for Americans due to the exchange rate!

The exchange rate applies to all the other division rates as well, meaning the Canadian dollar prices are just about 30% lower for Americans. So why wait to enter? 15th Anniversary Targa, almost 30% off the advertised price, friendly Canadians who welcome Americans (we had a couple American bases on Newfoundland soil for decades, Americans hanging out with us is nothing new), and a bunch of other positives!

Make the decision to enter Targa Newfoundland soon. We can’t control the exchange rate, so take advantage of the biggest factor if price is the only major thing keeping our possible U.S. competitors from entering! It’s well worth it!


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