Family affair as Quebec based Lognay Rally team enters its first Targa Newfoundland tarmac rally

Family affair as Quebec based Lognay Rally team enters its first Targa Newfoundland tarmac rally

ST.JOHN’S (April 14, 2016) – A bucket list item for many motorsports enthusiast, competing in Targa Newfoundland can be a lifelong dream for many. For one Brossard, Quebec family who together all compete in rally, it was a simple question of when, not if, they were going to enter the Targa. After some thought, the Lognay Rally team have officially entered the 15th anniversary Targa in their 2010 Subaru WRX STi and 1984 Audi Quattro.

Having a single car team of a brother and sister or father and daughter is not a big deal at Targa.  It happens quite a lot.  But, to have a two car team consisting of a brother and sister in one and a father and daughter in the other, all of the same family and on the same team, that is unique.

Ludovic Lognay and his sister Lauriane will be competing in their first Targa in their 2010 Subaru WRX STi.  Both have competed in the Canadian Rally Championship and Quebec Rally Championship, respectively.  Ludovic has podium three times, with Lauriane podium once.  They are not professional rallyist; however they compete at a very high standard whenever schedules allow for competition.  When not rallying, Ludovic is a mechanical engineer who owns a company that builds truck bodies, while Lauriane is a jeweler and gemmologist.

“Since we arrived in Canada 18 years ago (from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but all born in Belgium), the Targa has always intrigued us,” stated Ludovic.  “We always try to watch it online or on television, saying that one day we will try the experience.  After getting the chance to begin rally competition in 2010, that project becomes closer.  For competitions on asphalt, other than those on a race track, this is the most beautiful experience.  Being that the competition is for a long period of time (5 days of actual timed competition) it adds extra motivation to the challenge.”

Ludovic and Lauriane’s teammates, their father and sister, Frank and Larissa Lognay, will be competing in their 1984 Audi Quattro.  A sure fan favorite due to the rich rallying history of the Quattro, having such a classic rally car at Targa is quite a thrill for the organizers.

“The difficulty lies in the fact that we had to adapt an old chassis 30 years of age with current technology into a powerful rally car,” said Frank when asked about the history of the Quattro.

“We worked hard on the car for a year and a half,” continued Frank, “working with Eric Dufresne from Yvan Turcotte Racing.  Initially, we had to adapt the long frame with a shorter dimension (short wheel base) then find the different suppliers of performance parts, not just replicas parts, for both the engine (5-cylinder, 20 turbo valves), the gear box, suspensions, brakes and a lot of other things.  It would have been easy to make a replica, but above all, we wanted an old style car with all the modern technology.  I believe the finished product is exactly that and much more.”

With Frank’s extensive motorsports background and Larissa’s five podium finishes in the Canadian and Quebec Rally Championship, it also means the team will certainly be competing for top honours at the Targa.

“It’s a lot more preparation than what we are use to, because of the distance to travel and also due to the specificities of the race, but the whole process is thrilling,” Larissa explained when asked her thoughts on the event.  “We have two amazing cars and we have an amazing team.  Of course, here I’m talking about my fabulous driver (and father), my brother and sister in the second car, mom who’s cheering, but I’m also talking about our crew who’s always ready to follow us.  Without them, this adventure wouldn’t even be possible.  I am really looking forward to seeing the beautiful province of Newfoundland, to meeting all the people there and to adding this event to my book of accomplishments.  I am sure we’re gonna have a blast!”

Frank has also competed in both the Canadian and Quebec Rally Championship’s, with five podium finishes.  He won the Quebec 4wd Championship in 2012 with Larissa as his navigator.  He’s also done Motocross in parts of Africa, Belgium, Denmark, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand from 1972 through 1980.  He’s raced alongside the likes of Joel Robert, a six time world champion and Gaston Rahier, a three time world champion.

In keeping with the amateur status of the team, Larissa is a photographer and owns a travel agency when she’s not her father’s navigator.  However, the family’s motto regarding their attempt at the Targa means even though amateurs, they are here for a single reason –  We’re not going to the Targa for a drive, but to compete there!

To follow the Lognay Rally team during their Targa adventure, check them out on Facebook and Instagram under Lognay Rally Team.

Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world.  The 2016 competition will start in St. John’s on September 12th and concludes back in the capital on September 16th.  The annual rally will cover more than 1,600 kilometers of the challenging, twisty roads of the central and eastern portion of Newfoundland, including over 440 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.



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