Frequently Asked Questions About Targa Newfoundland

Q: Do I have to book my hotel, flights, ferry, etc.?

A: Yes, you are responsible for getting your team and vehicle here to the event. We can suggest a travel agency and recommend specific hotels, but you are responsible for booking those things.

Q: Do I need a real ‘race car’ to compete in Targa?

A: No. You can use any vehicle in Daily Targa Tour, Targa Tour or Grand Touring divisions. Targa division requires fully equipped ‘race cars.’

Q: Will my friends and family be able to see me during the week?

A: Yes! We’ll have images posted each evening of the day’s events. We utilize our social media reach, with our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and posting results and other information on our main Targa website. Local media may be on stages, plus national press will be on site.  Photographers and videographers will be on site capturing all the excitement on the stages, car shows and other moments.

Q: How many people can be in into a single vehicle?

A: We prefer only two; however, we have dealt with three and four people entered a single vehicle. The only problem is that each “switch” of a team member will receive a time penalty, which will quickly push you down to the bottom of the standings.

Additional cost for an extra person(s) on the team.