Father’s Day Special

Sick of buying boring ties for Dad? Too many tools that he doesn’t use? Did you forget it was Father’s Day this Sunday? Well, let the worries release! Embrace the Targa!

From now until the start of business on Monday, June 20th, you, yes you, can sign up your Father, Mother, Sister, pet snake or guinea pig, to compete in the greatest show on earth…or at least in Newfoundland…in September…well, 3rd week in September. What else you got to do?!

Enter the Targa with $1,500.00 off the Targa price; $1,000.00 off the GT price; and $500.00 off the Fast Tour price. But only until Monday start of business!

Don’t delay, enter now! Special does not apply to those already entered or on payment plans. Must pay in full at time of sign-up. Family pets or other animals are not considered human hence cannot compete or enter the event.

Email registrar@targanewfoundland.com or call 1-877-332-2413 for more information or to obtain an entry form!

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