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    brian glassey

    New forum member looking for some advice. I am a newby to organized auto events, but have always had petrol in my veins. I am very interested in trying the Targa as my very first motorsports experience. The videos look amazing, and having driven some of those roads, I would love to do it at speed. I currently drive an Infiniti G35, but would be buying a Nissan 350Z for this event, and I am thinking that since it is my first time doing something like this, that it would make the most sense for me to try it in a non-competitive environment like the Fast Tour.

    I have SO many questions. Guess the first few are – am I on the right path with the Fast Tour? If I am, what am I looking at in terms of car prep and scrutineering? Do I need a full cage? Is a 350 robust enough to make it through the week?

    Any other thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.




    Thanks for the post! Ok, pick your questions off one by one here:
    FT is the correct first step if you are doing this slow and steady, with your final aim of doing Targa division in the future. You might do FT this year then next year move right up to Targa if you feel comfortable with it. So yeah, so far you are doing it “right”!

    350Z is fine for FT. Plenty of pip to it and it is a super sick car. Will be a nice addition to the car show in Torbay and Clarenville too.

    You don’t need to do anything to the car. If you feel you need to raise the car a tiny bit due to the road conditions, go for it. But, other than that, you should be fine with whatever set-up you’d have in the vehicle. You don’t need a cage. It is for any road-legal vehicle. Basic safety add on’s such as a fire extinguisher, emergency triangles and proper helmets for both the driver/co-driver. You don’t need anything else added to the car.

    Feel free to email me directly at or call the office at 722-2413 if you want to chat about it, or better yet, if you want to enter right now! You’ll have a ball!



    What are the differences between the Fast Tour and the Quick ?



    Difference is that Fast Tour takes in the entire event…so over a week of activities, which include Registration/Tech Day, evening car shows, social events, and of course the stages. Quick Tour takes in one day minimum but up to three days of on-stage activities. You can join mid-week or at the start of the event. Basically allows you to experience Targa on a budget and see if you’d like to do it for the full time the following year.

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