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    This is where new forum users can tell a little about themselves, why they decided to join the site, and other introductory information that can be useful for discussion.


    Vassilia Amado

    The site looks great!



    Thanks for the kind words Vassilia :) it does look great!


    gordon maxwell

    I agree, the new website is a vast improvement.

    By way of introduction my name is Gordon Maxwell, but everyone knows just as Max, and I’m addicted to fast cars:)

    I’m originally from Scotland, grew up watching Group B rallies and enjoying the quality tarmac in Scotland and winding roads.

    I’m an active member of Vinland Motorsports up here in Newfoundland who are affiliated with ARMS and SCCA. I also have volunteered with Targa NL since 2012, initially as a safety marshal then as Stage Operations Commander in 2013 and 2014.

    I currently autoX a 2012 Evo MR and am in the process of rebuilding an ex-time attack 2008 Evo GSR for Targa 2016. I’ll be running in Targa Modern division.

    Looking forward to seeing all competitors and support teams in September.


    brian glassey

    The site DOES indeed look great! My name is Brian, and I just joined the forum. I am very interested in running the Targa this year or next, but have SO many questions, and thought that this might be a great way to get them answered.



    Good place to start Brian! Easier to contact us directly though if you want specific questions answered.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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