It’s National Volunteer Week!

We celebrate this week as recognition and a show of respect for all those who volunteer their time, energy and services, to the organizations they support. In this world, in this country and in this province, volunteerism would not exist without the people who do the volunteering. THANK YOU!
Targa Newfoundland and its developing child Bambina Newfoundland could not exist without the work, effort and long dedicated hours spent by those who volunteer to help and assist the event. That said it must be understood that all of the motorsport; from the World Championship Grand Prix events to the World Rally Championship, to the Autocross club events, can only exist through the work and efforts of those volunteers who love the sport. THANK YOU!
Volunteerism is probably one of the few examples of pure unmitigated selflessness in this oh-so-fast and the oh-so-electronic world. People from all walks of life joining together to help and support the sports or things they love and or care for. THANK YOU!
Some volunteers support sports, some medicine, some the disenfranchised, and some the less fortunate. But, regardless of what they support, to a person they or you, all support something bigger and better than themselves and that to me is the essence of selflessness, love, caring and personal growth. THANK YOU!
So, let’s keep up the good work! But also, let’s pause for a moment to congratulate and thank ourselves and each other because we are, each in our own way making this a better world and that is a great thing.
Robert Giannou
President of Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited

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