Limited Targa Volunteer Openings Available!

Love motorsports? Want to compete in Bambina Newfoundland or Targa Newfoundland but can’t. Then volunteer with us! Help the sport help you! Learn the event up front and personally. Become part of the very special and select group people that run the events. We have just…

Four weeks to the 3rd Annual Bambina Newfoundland from June 28th to July 1st, 2019;

Four months to the 18th Annual Targa Newfoundland from September 14th to 21st, 2019.

There are a limited number of openings for Stage Operations Teams. Support the sport we all love. Volunteer for either Bambina, Targa or both! Event operations training sessions will begin shortly.

These positions will require you to be available to travel as a member of our Event Operations Group – performing Timing or Set-Up duties:

Set-Up Vehicles set up the stages to ensure they run timely and safely. They work closely with communities and their volunteers.

Timing Teams run the stages, score the competitors and present the results for the Scorer. They work closely with competitors.

We provide accommodations, a meal allowance while on the road and a gas allowance for those that are required to use their vehicles.

If you wish to participate contact Leah Dalton, Volunteer Coordinator at or fill out the volunteer form on our website;
or Call: 709-722-2413 / toll free: 1-877-332-2413

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