Love motorsports? Volunteer with us!

With just over five weeks away until the 17th annual Targa Newfoundland, the event is short a few key positions. We require volunteers for the entire week of Targa (Sept. 15th through 21st) to go on the road with us and be active members of our Timing Teams and our Set-Up Vehicle Teams.
Timing is just that, dealing with timing gear, and recording that data for the Scorer. You would be involved in the active running of stages and have a close-up view of vehicles on the stages (within a safe distance). Training will be provided.

Set-Up Vehicle Teams are teams of two that are the first to arrive in a community. They will assist the local safety marshal’s set-up the entire stage, deal with community leaders and make sure the stage is “green” by the time the main event arrives. Training will also be provided.

Targa provides accommodations on the road; provides a meal allowance for the week on the road; provides a gas allowance for the week on the road; potentially could assist with rental vehicles (depends on the situation); provides accommodation allowance if individuals find their own places to stay during the week.

We have a strong international field of competitors this year, and a solid course to provide them. The event is known as the “Ironman of Motorsports”, not because it is easy, because it pushes man, woman, and vehicle to their limits.
If this interest you or you have any questions, please contact Leah Dalton, Volunteer Coordinator at, fill out the volunteer form via our main website;

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