COVID still affects us all.  While our country and our province is opening up, there are still very deep concerns about the disease, especially in the smaller communities with the advent of the new variants that are being found.  We therefore have decided to postpone the Targa Rotoura six-day event.  With the course completed, we proceeded to start taking entries only to discover that there are some competitors who have team members who have not yet been vaccinated and some who have no intention of doing so.  We therefore could not accept their entries as that is not acceptable to us or to the communities through which the event would run.  We knew when we set the date and the necessary minimum entry requirements (entry deposits have already been returned) that holding the event would be difficult due to the lateness in the season, especially with the reduced ferry schedules and lingering COVID concerns.

Now with new COVID variants surfacing and numbers rising again, we have decided to slide our events to 2022. Hopefully there will be a clearer view of the future and we, our competitors and participant communities can do more secure long-range planning.

Despite this delay we are delighted to have had the opportunity to reset our management team and develop the courses to a book-print-ready format. The time, energy and investment was certainly not spent in vain as it set in place a great team and established the necessary groundwork to go forward from.

We have now put in place the following full schedules for 2022.  The events will be held as follows…

  • Targa Bambina four-day event (two or three Competition days and one Course Familiarization day) is now scheduled to happen between Thursday July 21st to Sunday July 24h 2022. This course has already been set and will be announced in 2022. 
  • The full Targa Newfoundland eight-day event (six competition days and two Course Familiarization days) is now scheduled to happen from Friday September 9th and Saturday September 17th, 2022. This course is set in concept and will be announced in 2022.

The Competition and Vehicle preparation Rules and Regulations for both events will be the same but may be adjusted to comply with COVID or other Municipal or Provincial requirements.

To reduce any doubt or confusion we will not accept entry applications until the new year.  The office will be open on January 4th 2022 when we will be accepting applications for entry into both events at that time.  We will use the same 10% reservation fee system with all paid fees being refundable, although some specific conditions will apply.

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