2016 Targa Newfoundland Entry Fees & New Division

2016 Targa Newfoundland Entry Fees

Separate fees for all divisions this year (new to Targa) and we’ve added a new division, the Quick Tour, which is based on a minimum one day of entry to a maximum of three days for those who wish to enter and see what the event is like, but not spend the entire week attached to the event. This division is attached to Fast Tour so it would not be a competition, it doesn’t need a roll cage, but you will have a Pace Car in front of the group and will need all licenses and correct documentation supporting your entry to enter. Those in Quick Tour will not receive a Finishers Medallion at the Official Finish in Brigus. All other divisions will receive their Medallion if they are able to cross the finish line.

Add 13% HST to all fees below for total entry fees

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