Targa Newfoundland Diary

The GT-40 of Mark McDonald & James Bergeron certainly caught the attention of many while they were here at the Targa. James, an accomplished automotive journalist…he’s paying me to say that…j/k…was writing about the whole experience from start to finish, while learning the route book (I witness him bringing his cup of coffee into the arena and sitting down at the Notice Board table each night, highlighter and pencil in hand, going at his route book as if it was the rescue book to the zombie apocalypse).
Both came with a mission, to have fun, but try and obtain their Targa Plates. That didn’t happen due to their mishap on Leg 3, but they did finish 2nd in their Class none the less.
Enjoy James’s thoughts on his experience, the event as a whole, and the memories he made while here!

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