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Those registered for 2019 will still have to complete ENTRY FORM, PART 1 of our forms to reconfirm the entry.  Our insurance requires this.

  • You will have to pay the new scoring tracker surcharge which is set out on the forms.
  • If you owe a balance on the normal fee you will only be required to be required to pay the balance under last year’s rates.
  • If your car has not changed you will not have to complete PART 2 of the form.

New registrants for 2020 will have to fill out part one of the forms immediately and then provide part 2 later.  The same tracker fee applies.

PayPal… We have now embraced PayPal for your convenience. Please bear with us for the first few days as we get used to this new system.

Remember the two events are now a joint event. And the dates are:

Bambina: Saturday to Tuesday, September 12 to 15
Saturday to Saturday, September 12 to 20
Familiarization School:
Thurs & Friday, September 10 and 11

Send completed forms to or