Remembrance Day discount to veterans and serving armed forces members

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and the Commonwealth. We pause to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, to allow us the freedom to do the things we love in this country.

As Targa’s Thank You to veterans and current serving members, we are taking $1,000.00 off the advertised price of entry into Targa and Grand Touring divisions for the next week. At end of business on the 18th of November, this special will end. We ask those who know veterans or serving members of the armed forces to share this post and let those who are interested in Targa or motorsports in general, that if they wish to enter Targa, then do it now!

Two things are needed in order to apply for the special rate:
– proof of being a veteran or current serving member of the armed forces.
– Either the driver or co-driver has to be a veteran or current serving member of the armed forces (both also can be however the discount will still be $1,000.00).

Please contact for more information or to register for Targa 2016.

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