Roundel Magazine article written by 2015 Grand Touring Champions

Marinus and Renee Damm certainly made good use of their Targa experience. Marinus wrote a fairly length article in the BMW Club of America monthly magazine, Roundel, about their time here in the province and the journey to make it here!

In the article, it tells about their adventure from Oregon to Targa, what they dealt with during each day of the event, and the overall experience they had at Targa. They did win Grand Touring division, Equipped class, and have already signed up to return for the 15th Anniversary event next September within the same division and class.

The PDF of the article that is currently in Roundel is below. If you’d like to sign up for the BMW Club of America monthly magazine, please visit their website. You’ll be able to read Marinus’s article there along with everything else in the December issue.

December 2015 Targa Damm

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