Social Media

Targa Newfoundland has a large social media footprint, and it is an important tool for us to promote the event, to draw competitors and volunteers, plus it allows us direct contact with our fans.  Please follow any or all of our social media accounts and stay up to date on everything Targa!

Targa’s Facebook Page – here you’ll find articles regarding the event, competitors and their vehicles, specials on entry fee prices, albums of pictures, and other relevant information!

Targa’s Twitter Page – for the quick, to the point, types of information, Targa’s Twitter is your source for everything Targa!

Targa’s Instagram Page – if visual info is your thing, then follow our Instagram acccount!  Cool images of all kinds, unique to Targa and Newfoundland!

We also have YouTube and Google pages.  Check those out at the top right of the page!