Stage Operations Accreditation Program

Tomorrow evening at 7:00 PM we will be starting our annual Stage Operations Accreditation Program.

Class starts at 7 pm and runs approximately two hours each session. Held in Classroom L201 at the Murphy Centre (building L).


This four-week course is free. The course teaches the do’s and don’ts of being out on a live stage during the event, the proper way of securing a stage, setup of a stage, radio communications, emergency protocol and other associated topics relevant to Bambina/Targa Newfoundland. A certificate and license will be issued.

The course will be led by our senior management team and other special guests to follow up on specialized topics within the Stage Operations Accreditation Program. If you can’t make it to the in-class Stage Operations Accreditation Program, an online version is available.

If you are interested in volunteering with Bambina Newfoundland, Targa Newfoundland or maybe both events?
Email Leah Dalton today to volunteer for 2018 season;

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