Targa Newfoundland is now on Instagram!

Another social media angle for Targa Newfoundland to utilize!

www.instagram.com/targa_nl/ is now up and posting! Please follow us on Instagram where short videos, plenty of images and postings will happen on a regular basis!

David Noseworthy, Targa’s Archivist, will run the Instagram account. David’s enjoying the creative freedom he’s having with the account and is looking forward to posting more visual information for the fans to view.

“I’ve managed similar social media accounts in other volunteer capacities in the past,” stated Noseworthy. Being able to help Darren Sheppard, GM of Targa, with the Instagram account can let him focus on the other social media in the Targa family. It’ll also show our different social media personalities, which is never a bad thing.”

“With adding another social media platform, it’ll certainly allow us to increase PR, reach new fans and promote everything Targa in a more visual setting,” concluded Noseworthy.

The Instagram symbol at the top right of the main Targa Newfoundland page will take visitors directly to the account. Targa’s other social media platforms are also available at the top right of the main page.

With the addition of Instagram, Targa is now available through four major outlets – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The main Targa website will continue to be the official source of information regarding the event.

“Social media is very important in today’s PR,” stated Sheppard. “Having David assist us with the Instagram account is greatly appreciated. Being able to use as many assets as we can to get information out is vital for our event. Using social media, plus being back on television in 2016 is certainly a positive for Targa and for those seeking information on the event.”


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