Targa plates to be issued for first time in Grand Touring (GT) for 2016

Targa is announcing that starting in this year’s event, GT competitors can obtain a Targa Plate (silver plate below) should they complete all stages of the event and do not accumulate more than 3:00 minutes in total penalty time. Below is the wording that will be added to the Rules and Regulations document in the near future to represent the change.

4.6 Grand Touring Division Trophy Plates
Targa Trophy Plates will be awarded to the crew member (driver, navigator or co-driver) completing all Targa stages in the Grand Touring Division competition and scoring less than 3:00 minutes penalty points.

• Silver – each year
• Gold – third consecutive year
• Platinum – six consecutive years (four of which are silver)
• Diamond – nine consecutive years (six of which are silver)

This now will mean both competitive divisions within Targa (Targa and Grand Touring) will now be able to obtain Targa Plates.


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