Targa Update

To All of the Targa Newfoundland and Bambina Families, Competitors, Crews, Volunteers and Communities:

There is an old Chinese saying, “May you live in interesting times”. It certainly seems to be such a time for us here in Newfoundland and for all our world wide friends who come to compete in our events.  We have no doubt that we will master this challenge and to that end, we want to assure you that we are moving ahead full steam on the 2020 joint Targa and Bambina events.  It seems from what we know,  Newfoundland and most of North America will be well past the peak of the Corona Virus Pandemic and headed to much better and more normal times by the time our September 12th to 19th dates roll around. So lets get registering…

To assist you in the registration process we have, with the help of Hume Media, posted a
new, simplified and revised, single purpose entry form on the site.  Fill out your registration Part One, download it and e-mail it to us as per the instructions on the form.   That gets you registered.  Then, when you have your crew and vehicle information complete, fill out Part Two and send it in as per the instructions.

We have also for your convenience, set up a PayPal account which will make it easier for payments to be processed.  If there are any questions, please call me directly on my cell at 1-709-682-7900 or call our office at 1-877-332-2413; both of which are message managed.

In the meantime we have all heard what follows, many times in the recent days but we thought that we should summarize it for those that may have missed it.

The virus can be beaten by utilizing a few very simple, common sense rules:

  • Cleanliness is king, be fastidious about yourself.
  • Be responsible and stay home when and if possible, it is the best defense.  
  • Use soap and water frequently; wash your hands for 20 secs like surgeons do; the tops, bottoms, between fingers, under nails, and palms of hands.  Rinse your hands at an angle and if you are not in your own home, turn off taps with paper towel.
  • Wash or clean every item you took outside with you;  brief cases, suit cases, sunglasses cases etc.

We must and can stop the spread.  To do that simply follow the protocols you are given by authorities and limit your community contact.  A note about respirators and masks…  Most masks on the market except the N95 respirator are USELESS to stop the spray of bacteria after a sneeze or cough, so save your money.

Be safe, be clean, and we look forward to seeing you all in September.  Remember:  It’s all about the drive, real cars, real people, and real challenging roads.  More exciting organizational news will be coming in the next few weeks.

Stay healthy, and we will see you in September.

Robert Giannou

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