Grand Touring 2018 Re-Score No ITC

Grand Touring 2018 Re-Score No ITC

We are aware there were some issues with the 2018 Grand Touring Scores.  These were largely caused by timer variations.  As a result, after discussions with the event Steward we re-scored the event starting from the raw times.  The results are shown in the attached spread sheet.  We feel these results are accurate and representative of the competition.

In the re-scoring we had two teams tie with the same score.  There is no tie-breaking mechanism in the rules so we decided to let the tie stand.  Congratulations to all of the competitors and to the winners.  I am also pleased to announce that our scoring equipment is to be sent to the UK to be refurbished for 2019.  We are bring in a professional scorer for the 2019 event so we can run our program and equipment parallel to theirs as both a training and equipment confirmation exercise.

Lots of exciting things in the works for next year,

Robert Giannou