Targa 2015

The 14th annual Targa Newfoundland concluded with an impressive closing ceremony in the historic town of Brigus, where competitors received their Finisher Medallions and winners received their bottle of champagne! After 1,600 km’s, over 40 competitive stages and various challenges put forth before them, competitors were able to finally enjoy knowing they completed the Targa!

The wettest and windiest Targa in recent memory made competitors use all of their driving skills and made road conditions a handful to deal with. Teams from as far away as California, Ireland, and the Turks & Caicos met the wild week of adventure head on. High speeds were still achieved and the fun factor was through the roof, with the town stages of Trinity and Bonavista, with their tight corners and houses almost right on the course, causing teams an adrenaline rush like no other! Lotus’s, Porsches, BMW’s, MINI’s, and other manufacturers all tried their hands at the Targa, no reason why someone like you and your machine couldn’t try it for the 15th Anniversary Targa in 2016!­