Targa 2014

After 1,700 km’s of action-packed, twisting roads, tight corners and blind crest, the 13th annual Targa Newfoundland concluded in St. John’s to a grand celebration at the Waterfront.  Winners participated in a champagne shower, to the warm welcome of the fans and others who were there to join the competitors at the finish.  After a week of hard-fought competition on many new stages the event never used before, the positive comments and the fist pumps symbolized a job well done by the organizers in their choice of stages.

Television crews followed the competitors along the stages, recording their speeds, the excitement and even some spins!  The thrill of the event is shared to the millions of television viewers who will tune into several recap shows of the event through the calendar year.  It is a great way to get noticed, either for yourself, your sponsors, or a charity of your choice!