For Immediate Release- The Finish Line

For Immediate Release

Targa Newfoundland 2018 – The Finish Line.

Lack of sleep and unfamiliar roads make the days quite impressive when you are bombing around at triple the legal speed limit in three thousand (or so) pounds of steel, propelled by hydrocarbon explosions. Throw in high winds, periods of torrential rains, and the North Atlantic Ocean factor and you have a typical trifecta of Targa Newfoundland.

Just completing this race is an incredible accomplishment.  Rally, support and event teams covered well over a thousand kilometers of paved roads located in outstanding scenic locales.  The event is grueling; hard on bodies and vehicles which together pay the Newfoundland tarmac tax, over and over.

Engines failed as did clutches and transmissions. Suspensions wobbled, belts broke, tires blew… Pistons melted into engines. We saw and experienced it all. It was glorious chaos.

For a multitude of reasons, Targa Newfoundland would like to extend our congratulations to all the race teams who entered this year, especially to those who came from far and away to our little rocky North Atlantic retreat. Making it to any event in Newfoundland successfully, and on time, is an accomplishment in itself!

This year was perhaps the most grueling Targa in our seventeen-year history. Harsh weather caused difficult road conditions throughout the week, yet competitors persevered on.  The teamwork, dedication, and skillful driving was both exciting and entertaining throughout our communities while providing significant economic marketing and tourism benefits.

It is always a celebration when new communities are added to our list of Targa supporters. This year Lord’s Cove came aboard with fantastic roads, incredible hospitality, and beautiful scenery.  Although we had to navigate their tight turns in a deluge of Burin Peninsula rain, we completed their course20th with a little help from our trusty tow straps.  Then we managed to dry off and enjoy a little soiree with guitars and hot coffee at the local establishment, Nan and Pop’s Shop, The Pantry.

The home-cooked meals in Mortier, Brigus, Lord’s Cove, Parker’s Cove and North Harbour were spectacular. Twice now, I’ve eaten the chicken soup at the Mortier community hall and twice now, felt it was the best I’ve ever had.  The roads leading into Harbour Mille and Terrenceville were incredible (you MUST try them) and as always, Parker’s Cove and their mighty “Hill”, brought thrills and again a wonderful meal.

So to all the supporting communities past, present, and future; thank you for inviting us onto your streets, and into your homes, halls and gathering places. Thank you for giving us the time and comfort to hang our hats, have a chat, and make new friends. It is much appreciated and makes Targa Newfoundland the special event that it is.

Targa is not about who finishes first.  It is about who finishes. It is a race of endurance and patience and requires significant strength and courage.  It is about teamwork, partnership, and doing whatever it takes to get your fellow teams over the finish line.

We don’t race against each other as such; we race against a clock, versus ourselves. Never one-on-one, like at a drag strip, or packed together like NASCAR.  So although extremely competitive, Targa is very much collaborative, in nature. It is an endurance race for man and machine, driver and navigator.

The camaraderie I experienced that week, was a particular type of something extraordinary.  The race which is coined the ‘Ironman of Motorsports” forges strong and lasting bonds, amongst all who participate.  It is about friends, family, and future success!

There were so many memories made, and stories told, this past Targa.  We all sat around the lunch table in Lord’s Cove, de-vour-ing the spectacular fried chicken and coleslaw; listening to Canadian motorsport legend, Jim Kenzie vividly recounts some of his adventures at Targa Tasmania. It was incredible. Long time Targa veteran Jack Rogers from Indiana told us the best thing about Targa Newfoundland is the people.  “The communities all bonding together and then the people serving us home cooked meals…. This doesn’t happen anywhere else.” said Jack.  “I love coming to Newfoundland.”

Targa would like to thank our volunteers.  Those who have been with us for seventeen years, and those who are new to our ranks… We appreciate you all. This event would not be possible without your dedication, commitment, and down-home fortitude.  We were battered by rain and wind, more often than not this year, and the volunteers kept our field of teams organized, on schedule, and most importantly safe.  Job well done, you are the reason Targa Newfoundland has one of the best safety records of any international motorsport event on the planet.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Targa Newfoundland 2018, and we hope to see you all back again next year!

Please visit for a complete list of Targa Newfoundland 2018 competitor scores and individual class winners/placements.

*Pictures available Targa Newfoundland upon request

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Owned and operated by Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited, Targa Newfoundland is one of three internationally recognized Targa motorsports events in the world. The 2019 event starts with our two-day optional Driving School on September 12th & 13th. The Tech/Registration Day is September 14th. Prologue Stages occur on September 15th. The actual competition will start in St. John’s on September 16th and concludes back in the capital on September 20th. The annual rally will cover more than 1,500 kilometers of the challenging, twisty roads of the central and eastern portion of the island of Newfoundland, including over 440 kilometers of closed-road, flat-out Targa stages.

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