1. These events are a great way to experience the people, the natural beauty, and the adventure of a lifetime here in the island of Newfoundland.
  2. These events are the only Targa style rallies of their kind in the Northern and Western Hemispheres (The others are all located in Australasia).
  3. Either of these events is a must on the bucket list of every Gearhead, Motorhead, and motorsports lover.
  4. As an added attraction you can become an honorary Newfoundlander by getting “Screeched In” This is a ceremony that is a must do when you first visit Newfoundland!
  5. You will not be racing or competing on a track or doing your weekend thing.  You will have the experience of competing in an international event with international, national, and local media coverage; television shows; radio interviews; and thousands of fans watching you during the event!
  6. You will be able to enjoy the speed and your driving abilities on closed public road stages (where everything is controlled, and proper safety measures are in place).
  7. Make new friends with other competitors, who like you, are here to do one or both of the Targa events.
  8. These events will both provide you with an ability to promote your own company, sponsors, or charity to a large audience.
  9. Seeing gorgeous tourist destinations and beautiful towns on the Avalon Peninsula and Burin Peninsulas.
  10. Experience, up front and personal the event that many have called the “Ironman of Motorsports”, of 5 days, 40 stages, and over 1,500 km’s of total distance…it’ll be an adventure you won’t forget!

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