Updated Rules & Regulations for Targa 2017

Version 7 of the Rules & Regulations document for Targa has been released for interested parties to review for the 16th annual event. New regulations and updated rules are highlighted in yellow within the document, to help with finding them.

The biggest changes would include:

  • Addition of a Targa Open Pro Division, which competes on a “0” base time system (Open division itself will still exist for other Open competitors).
  • All Targa tech details must be into the office by August 1st, 2017.
  • Mandatory first time competitor driving school attendance – those competitors in Targa and Grand Touring who are completing for the first time must attend the Targa Driving School prior to the event.
  • Financial penalties for speeding and time penalties for cutting corners.

Other minor edits are also done throughout the document, however rules regarding roll cages and other major safety devices are unchanged.

The current Rules & Regulations document is attached to this article.

Volume 2 Combined Rules and Regulations 110216

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