Welcome Back Mark Williams

We are very pleased to welcome back Mark Williams; a long-time competitor, scorer, course setter, advisor, the governor and general factotum of Targa Newfoundland… He has quite a history of the event, to say nothing of the fact that he has the singular record of having the very first incident in Targa Newfoundland. Yup! It happened at Confederation Park demonstration in 2002 when Mark brought his beautiful Classic 1964 Ford Falcon Sprint rally car to the first Targa.

Mark was navigating, and Tom McGeer was driving when they came thundering up Allandale road and turned right into the back entrance of the building and then… Tom lost it… Big time!

Mark Williams- TARGA NL

The car spun and ended up on its left side with a very unhappy crew. But this story does have a silver lining wherein a bunch of local folks came up with a new rear axle that actually fitted the car. H&H repaired it and they managed to be in the prologue next day. Oh yes, they also placed second and overall and would have gotten first had it not been for aaaaa…. Yup another spin.

Mark has been a Targa aficionado ever since and quickly became involved with the organization of the event starting in 2002 a practice he has continued to the current year.

He has only missed being here for three events and that was in 2015, 6 and 7 for various schedule and health reasons. Mark attended the first training session of the Stage Operations Accreditation Program last night and then he will proceed to spend a week on the road with Robert Giannou setting courses for both Bambina and Targa.

We will have new ideas and new ways of doing things which we are very much looking forward to learning. Welcome back Mark!



Interest in or being a Rally Co-Driver? Check out Marks Williams book “A Guide To Rally Co-Driving”



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