Targa 2023

A Six Day All Division Full On Competition

A Two Day Two Division Introduction to Competition

Race The Rock!

September 14th – 22nd

Exciting news for adventure seekers! Targa Newfoundland has just announced the courses for its 2023 event, Race the Rock. In addition to bringing back some of the beloved courses in Eastern and Central Newfoundland, new routes will be added to the mix. To pay homage to the island’s surrounding waters, the race will be named after the major bays in the area.

This means that the event will return to the very areas where it all began back in 2002, bringing back the thrills and spectacle of this world-class motorsport event. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

The 2023 event of Targa Newfoundland is set to start on Saturday, September 16th in communities bordering St. Mary’s Bay on the Southern Avalon Peninsula.

On Sunday, the 17th, the race will progress to the South West Avalon, passing through communities along Placentia Bay. The Notre Dame Bay area will be the destination on Monday the 18th, followed by the Eastport Peninsula on Bonavista Bay on Tuesday the 19th.

Wednesday, the 20th, will see the race in the Random Island area on Trinity Bay, and on Thursday the 21st, it will be the final day in the Conception Bay area, finishing with the penultimate and final stages in Brigus.

Don’t miss the awards gala on Friday evening, September 22nd, in St. John’s. Check out the map below for details on the competitive stages and spectator viewing areas on the 2023 course, and note that some adjustments may be made as the event draws closer.

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure!

The Targa Newfoundland Event

Targa Newfoundland is made up of 4 distinct divisions:

Targa Tour (unscored/non-competitive)

The Targa Tour Division is not a competition. It is a tour within Targa that is designed to allow the owners of classic & exotic cars to drive them the way they were built to be driven, within the limits prescribed by the event, but without the stress of competition.

New for 2023 – EV Class

This new class is a non-competitive tour within Targa that focuses entirely on electric vehicles.

Grand Touring Division (scored/competitive)

A Time-Speed-Distance (TSD) style competition for vehicles not prepared for racing. Convertible vehicles must be equipped with rollover protection

Targa 1 Division (scored/competitive)
  • Classic Division > pre-1997 two-wheel (2WD) drive vehicles.
  • Classic Division > pre 1997 all-wheel (4WD) drive vehicles
  • Targa Modern Division > 1998 to present two-wheel (2WD) drive vehicles.       
  • Targa Modern Division > 1998 to present all-wheel (4WD) drive vehicles
Targa 2 Division (scored/competitive)

Competition-prepared rollover-protected vehicles:

Classic Division for pre-1997 vehicles

  • Level 1 Preparation (Improved): Suspension, engine, and drive-train modifications are allowed;
  • Level 2 Preparation (Modified): Suspension, engine, and drive-train modifications are allowed. 

Targa Modern Division for 1998 to present vehicles

  • Level 1 Preparation (Improved): Suspension, engine, and drive-train modifications are allowed;
  • Level 2 Preparation (Modified): Suspension, engine, and drive-train modifications are allowed. 

Hybrid Vehicles (vehicles with both internal combustion and one or more electric motors capable, individually or together, of powering the vehicle through two or more drive wheels) shall be limited to Level 1 preparation requirements on suspension only. Hybrid vehicles are not permitted engine modifications or in Level 2.

Targa Open Division

The Open Division has been created for vehicles that do not conform to the technical requirements for Level 1 or Level 2.
This division is intended for competitors who prefer maximum technical freedom for vehicle preparation

Targa Events

Each year, the Targa Newfoundland is subdivided into three distinct events.

  • Targa Bambina a two-day competition
  • Targa Rotoura a three-day competition (not running in 2023)
  • Targa Duemila a six-day competition