Volunteer Positions

Join the Targa Newfoundland team as a volunteer and play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of our stages. Here’s a glimpse of the responsibilities for each position:

Set-Up Team (2 People):

  • Coordinate with Stage Coordinator before the event.
  • Arrive at least 2 hours before road closure.
  • Distribute volunteer gear and collect waivers.
  • Ensure all necessary taping and barricades are in place.
  • Act as a radio checkpoint and perform other assigned duties.
  • Restore stage to original condition post-event.

Stage Operations:

  • Start Line (3 People)
  • Stage Commander: Check stage access passes and release cars on time.
  • Recorder: Set up signage and log car numbers and departure times.
  • Net Controller: Coordinate volunteers and notify Clerk of Course of stage readiness.
  • Flying Finish (2 People)
  • Spotter: Identify car numbers and passing times.
  • Recorder: Record information and ensure signage placement.
  • Finish Line (2 People)
  • Deputy Stage Commander: Display car passing times and set up signage.
  • Radio Person: Broadcast cleared car numbers.
  • Radio Person (2 People)
  • Broadcaster: Announce information over the radio.
  • Recorder: Record data, ensure signage, and perform assigned duties.
  • Take Down – (2 People)
  • Once road is open remove tape and ensuring the stage is returned to its original (or better) condition.

Be part of an exciting event and contribute to its success! Apply to volunteer with Targa Newfoundland.