Joe Dowden

President & Incident Response

Robert Giannou

Event Founder / Community Relations

Mark Williams

Event Steward / FIA Rep

Matt Dowden

Clerk of the Course

Nancy Dowden

Registrar & Chief Competitor Relations Officer

May Soo

Hospitality and Targa Trust

Alita Whynot

Course Preparation and set up

Margaret Morris

Command Centre Recorder

David Inkpen

Stage Operations Coordinator

Nick Wiltshire

Stage Operations

Chris Langdon

Course Design / Road Close

 Leah Dalton

 Course Safety / Road Close

Mike Davenport 

Fast Tour Lead Car

Corey Finkelstein

 Media and Public Relations

Pete MacDonald


Mike Hordjik


Cyril Drowns

Incident Response

David Lambert

Technical Advisor

Tom Pokorny

Social Media/IT