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2018 Important Dates

Targa 2018 is scheduled for September 13th through the 22nd. The event will be based out of St. John’s, with other overnight locations in Torbay, Clarenville, and Conception Bay North. Our two-day optional Motorsports School is scheduled for September 13th and 14th in Flatrock, which is about 15 minutes outside of St. John’s. We also have our Awards Gala on September 22nd. We hope a majority of our competitors will be able to stay for that wonderful evening!

Targa Newfoundland is the first and only tarmac rally of its kind to be held in North America!

With 2018 being our 17th annual event, every aspect of our high end automotive adventure just keeps getting better! As motorsports enthusiasts, we know that limits were made to be pushed and cars were designed to be driven.  It’s about the drive!

We offer a 1,600 kilometre course with scenery and competition we know you won’t find anywhere else!

Enjoy the paved open roads of eastern and central Newfoundland and the many wonders of natural beauty.  Our competitors only complaint may be that their speed is so fast and focus so good, they have little time to enjoy the smell of the salt water or the up close and personal views of the Atlantic Ocean on the shoreline.

Competitive sections are held on roads closed to the general public and comprise approximately 30% of the total course.  Our volunteers are some of the best in the world when it comes to this type of motorsports event.  In creating a world-class event, we have created a first-class team of people who really want to help you do your best and enjoy your time with us.

There are four distinct ways to participate:

– Targa Division which includes ClassicModern, and Open classes. Fully prepared race vehicles, roll cages, safety equipment, and powerful engines compete to see who sets the fast times.

– Grand Touring Division is a time-speed-distance style competition for vehicles not prepped for racing.  This division permits integrated distance, time and speed computing aids.  What is Grand Touring exactly?  Read about it in-depth by GT champion John Hume Sr. here -> Grand Touring DST How to manual

– Fast Tour Division is not a competition.  It is a tour within Targa that is designed to allow car owners to drive them the way they were built to be driven, within the limits prescribed by the event, but without the stress of competition.

– Quick Tour Division is a part of Fast Tour, but does not require you to be involved in the event for the full week. A minimum of one day or maximum of three days will get you to experience what it is like to participate in Targa without having to be here for the full event.

For an overview of all the divisions, and a general ‘what we are’ type of information, check out our Potential Competitor Presentation here -> 2018 Competitor Presentation

We have winners, but our prize isn’t money – its bragging rights and personal fulfillment.  It is a life changing experience!

It’s an accomplishment like no other and the week long adventure that is your real prize.  You’ll return home with memories, new contacts and extraordinary stories that will make you the envy of all your friends.

We know you’ll be back.  Your first time will not be your last!  Please contact our office for entry forms or for more information on the event by calling 1-877-332-2413 or by emailing registrar@targanewfoundland.com.

2017 Official Guide

The Official Guide is here to view!  See the interactive ads, team bios, and much more!  Don’t forget to pick up your Official Guide at the car shows or other viewing areas Targa will be using during the event!

2017 Targa Newfoundland Program Cover

2017 Leg Maps and Event Schedule

Below is our Leg Maps to show where the stages will be on a given day in the province.  The 2017 Targa Event Schedule is available for download via the link.

2017 – Prologue Map

2017 – Leg 1 Map

2017 – Leg 2 Map

2017 – Leg 3 Map

2017 – Leg 4 Map

2017 – Leg 5 Map

FAQ about Targa Newfoundland

Question: What’s included in the entry fee?


  • Entry in your specified class for Targa Newfoundland 2018
  • Tickets to specified Lunches for Driver & Co-Driver/Navigator
  • Awards Ceremony tickets for Driver & Co-Driver/Navigator (does not include Quick Tour)
  • Tickets to pre and post event functions for Driver & Co-Driver/Navigator (does not include Quick Tour)
  • Event Insurance (for closed-road stages)
  • Public Liability & Property Damage (up to $5 million for any single incident)
  • Medical Coverage (secondary to the competitor’s own insurance)
  • Luggage transportation to each venue change (may not cover Quick Tour depending on day(s) selected)
  • Merchandise kit for Driver and Co-Driver/Navigator
  • Competition and Sponsor decal kit for vehicle
  • Competitor Support decal kit for one support vehicle
  • Targa Newfoundland reflective license plates

Question: Do I have to book my own hotel, flights, ferry, etc?

Answer: Yes, you are responsible for getting your team and vehicle here to the event. We can suggest a travel agency and recommend specific hotels, but you are responsible for booking those things.

Question: Do I need a real ‘race car’ to compete in Targa?

Answer: No. You can use any vehicle in Quick Tour, Fast Tour or Grand Touring divisions. Targa division requires fully equipped ‘race cars’.

Question: Will my friends and family be able to see me during the week?

Answer: Yes! We’ll have images posted each evening of the day’s events. We utilize our social media reach, with our Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram accounts, and posting results and other information on our main Targa website. Local media may be on stages, plus national media will be on site. Photographers and videographers will be on site capturing all the excitement on the stages, car shows and other moments.

Question: How many people can be entered in a single vehicle?

Answer: We prefer only two, however we have dealt with three and four people entered in a single vehicle. Only problem is that each “switch” of a team member will receive a time penalty, which will quickly push you down to the bottom of the standings. Additional cost will also be added to the entry fee for additional person(s) on the team.

Targa Newfoundland – It’s About the Drive!