Bambina 2020 Cancellation

Newfoundland International Motorsports Limited announces Covid Cancellation of its Bambina.

St. John’s (August 31, 2020) After nearly 20 consecutive years of staging one of Canada’s most iconic and

challenging motorsport events, Targa Newfoundland has decided to cancel its Super Targa Bambina event that was

scheduled for this coming September.

Joe Dowden, President of the organization, announced today that it simply did not feel right to schedule the event

under the current circumstances. “COVID -19 has affected each and every one of us in some very measurable

way,” stated Dowden. “Out of respect for the people in the communities through which this event runs and

considering the inevitable interaction between communities and our competitors, the simplest and smartest thing

we can do to avoid interaction and support social distancing is cancel the event. We will gather together our ideas,

then blend them with this experience and concentrate on making ourselves ready for next year’s events. We will be

staying in touch with the communities, our competitors, and the province.”

Dowden explained that this decision has the full support of the event’s Board who have already put the

management group in place which will take the event forward into the future.

Robert Giannou, chairman of the organization, said, “as regretful as this decision is, it is had to be made, this was

the only logical conclusion. We are confident that we can use this time to do some very effective future planning and

try out some ideas we have been considering for some time. We are in the process of entering a very different world

and we feel that the future Targa events may also have to be conducted is a very different to match these times.”

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